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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

SuperAger Brains

SuperAger Brains Shrink More Slowly 

Summary: Typical agers lose brain volume twice as fast as SuperAgers, a new study reports.
Source: Northwestern University.
Cortex of super-aged brain deteriorated much slower than average elderly brain over time.
Donald Tenbrunsel is 89 years old, but he is just as likely to talk to you about Chance the Rapper as reminisce about Frank Sinatra.
The highly engaged and delightful conversationalist, who reads, volunteers and routinely researches questions on the Internet, is part of a new path-breaking Northwestern Medicine study that shows that SuperAgers’ brains shrink much slower than their age-matched peers, resulting in a greater resistance to “typical” memory loss and dementia.
Over the course of the 18-month study, normal agers lost volume in the cortex twice as fast as SuperAgers, a rare group of people aged 80 and above whose memories are as sharp as those of healthy persons decades younger./.../
Image shows brain shrinkage is an aging brain.

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