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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Love Story

From Brain  Pickings:

The Dot and the Line: A Quirky Vintage Love Story in Lower Mathematics by Norton Juster, Animated by Chuck Jones

“Moral: The vector belongs to the spoils.”
In 1963, two years after he penned his timeless classic The Phantom TollboothNorton Justerwrote and illustrated The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics (public library) — the quirky and infinitely wonderful love story that unfolds in a one-dimensional universe called Lineland where women are dots and men are lines; a hopeful straight line falls hopelessly in love with a dot out of his league, who only has eyes for a sleazy squiggle, and sets about wooing her. Inspired by the Victorian novellaFlatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, it’s an endearing and witty fable of persistence and passion, and a creative masterwork at the intersection of mathematics, philosophy, and graphic design.
To woo the dot, the line decides to master the myriad shapes capable of expressing his full potential./.../

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