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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Vit D ?

Is There a Flaw in This Large Vitamin D Trial?

Published: Jan 31, 2014 | Updated: Feb 1, 2014

A 57-year-old woman had her vitamin D level checked by her primary care physician based on her mix of risk factors, and the level was found to be low. Her doctor prescribed a high-dose vitamin D supplement of 50,000 IU administered once a week.
Such a scenario is likely not uncommon, but this case is unique because the woman is a participant in the VITAL trial, which is designed to show whether supplementation with vitamin D (2,000 IU per day), fish oil (840 mg of marine omega-3 fatty acids per day), or both can prevent the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer in women 55 and older and men 50 and older. The trial's protocol asks participants to avoid taking out-of-study vitamin D supplements exceeding 800 IU per day./.../

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