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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Updates
From Medscape Urology
Cancer Deaths Falling, but Uptick in Late-Stage Prostate Cancer

'Historic Reversal': No Immediate Tx for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer

MEAL: Men Changed Diet but Not Prostate Cancer Progression

French Twist: ADT for Prostate Cancer on Active Surveillance

'Notable Differences' With 3 Prostate Cancer Genomics Tests

New Data: Finasteride Safely Prevents Prostate Cancer

ASCO Issues New Metastatic Prostate Cancer Treatment Guide

Editor's Note 
From record numbers of men opting for "watchful waiting" for low-risk prostate cancer, to advances in precision medicine presented at the recent AUA annual meeting, this collection highlights the most important recent updates in prostate cancer.
–  Gabriel Miller, Editorial Director, Medscape Urology

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