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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Arvid Carlson - Dopamine

Discovering Dopamine’s Role in the Brain

by Neuroscience News
Researchers pay tribute to Arvid Carlsson, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his research into dopamine, and evaluate what his research means to modern neuroscience.
By decreasing dopamine levels in the brains of rabbits in his lab in Gothenburg, Carlsson was able to show that if you don’t have the right level of dopamine in your brain, the circuits that determine how the brain controls movement don’t work properly. They also become better at maintaining the lie over time. image is in the public domain.
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Arvid Carlsson was a Swedish neuropharmacologist who is best known for his work with the neurotransmitter dopamine and its effects in Parkinson's disease. Wikipedia
BornJanuary 25, 1923, Uppsala, Sweden
DiedJune 29, 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden

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