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Sunday, July 26, 2015

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Placebo Effects in Medicine Ted J. Kaptchuk, and Franklin G. Miller, Ph.D. N Engl J Med 2015; 373:8-9July 2, 2015DOI: 10.1056/NEJMp1504023 Comments open through July 8, 2015 Share: ArticleReferencesComments (8) Audio Interview [image: Interview with Prof. Ted Kaptchuk on the outlook for harnessing the benefits of placebo effects in medicine.] Interview with Prof. Ted Kaptchuk on the outlook for harnessing the benefits of placebo effects in medicine. (12:51) - Listen - Download Placebo effects are often considered the effects of an “inert substance,” but that characterization is ... mais »

The Science of Stress

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The Science of Stress and How Our Emotions Affect Our Susceptibility to Burnout and Disease*by Maria Popova* *How your memories impact your immune system, why moving is one of the most stressful life-events, and what your parents have to do with your predisposition to PTSD.* I had lived thirty good years before enduring my first food poisoning — odds quite fortunate in the grand scheme of things, but miserably unfortunate in the immediate experience of it. I found myself completely incapacitated to erect the pillars of my daily life — too cognitively foggy to read and write, too phys... mais »

Cyber clones

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Ask Ray | Futurist Martine Rothblatt, PhD discusses cyber consciousnessMarch 19, 2015 [image: brain - A1] Dear readers, I want to recommend this article in *USA Today* profiling Martine Rothblatt, PhD’s keynote at South by Southwest. *USA Today* | Sirius founder envisions world of cyber clones, tech med Her talk featured a roundup of concepts about the future of the human brain and the potential for people to interact through virtual avatars and recreations of an individual. *USA Today*… read more

Cancer risk

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Common chemicals may act together to increase cancer risk, international study findsJuly 22, 2015 [image: Disruptive potential ft] Common environmental chemicals assumed to be safe at low doses may act separately or together to disrupt human tissues in ways that eventually lead to cancer, according to a task force of almost 200 scientists from 28 countries. In a nearly three-year investigation of the state of knowledge about environmentally influenced cancers, the scientists studied low-dose effects of 85 common chemicals not considered to be carcinogenic to humans.… read more


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The CRISPR craze: genome editing technologies poised to revolutionize medicine and industryJuly 22, 2015 [image: Genome editing by engineered Cas9 systems (credit: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers)] CRISPR/Cas systems for genome editing have revolutionized biological research over the past three years, and their ability to make targeted changes in DNA sequences in living cells with relative ease and affordability is now being applied to clinical medicine and will have a significant impact on advances in drug and other therapies, agriculture, and food products. The power and promise... mais »

MRI and Dementia

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British Medical Journal Usefulness of Data From Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Improve Prediction of Dementia: Population Based Cohort Study Blossom C M Stephan; Christophe Tzourio; Sophie Auriacombe; Hélène Amieva; Carole Dufouil; Annick Alpérovitch; Tobias Kurth Disclosures BMJ - Print - Email - Abstract and Introduction - Methods - Results - Discussion - Conclusions - References - Sidebar - Appendix 1 - Appendix 2 - Appendix 3 Abstract and IntroductionAbstract *Objective* To determine whether the addition of data derived from magnetic res... mais »

PCSK9 Inhibitor

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FDA Approves First PCSK9 InhibitorIndication given for heterozygous HF and secondary prevention - SAVESAVED - - - - - [image: author name] - by Crystal Phend *Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today* The FDA granted approval to alirocumab (Praluent) for heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia and for patients with clinical atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, making it the first in the new class of lipid-lowering PCSK9 inhibitors. The approval was for use in addition to diet and maximally-tolerated statin therapy in adults who require additional LDL ... mais »

WHF CVD Prevention

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The World Heart Federation's vision for worldwide cardiovascular disease prevention Dr Salim Yusuf, DPhil[image: correspondence][image: email] , David Wood, FRCP , Johanna Ralston, MBA , K Srinath Reddy, DM Published Online: 16 April 2015 [image: Article has an altmetric score of 12] DOI: | [image: show]Article Info - Summary - Full Text - References Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease is the world's number one cause of death and disability, and disproportionately affects individuals living in low-income and middle-income ... mais »

New Earth-Like Planet

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NASA Discovers New Earth-Like Planet

Arts, humanities, and mental health

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[image: The Lancet TV] *The mind set free:*Arts, humanities, and mental health What can the arts and humanities contribute to our understanding of mental health problems? Niall Boyce, Editor of *The Lancet Psychiatry*, explores this question at the Bethlem Gallery and Museum of the Mind.


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Confucius says, Xi doesThe Communist Party turns to ancient philosophy for supportJul 25th 2015 | QUFU | From the print edition - [image: Timekeeper] - - TWO emerging cults are on display in Qufu, a city in eastern China where Confucius was born. One surrounds the ancient sage himself. At a temple in his honour, visitors take turns to bow and prostrate themselves before a large statue of Confucius seated on a throne. For each obeisance, a master of ceremonies chants a wish, such as for “success in exams” or “peace of the country”. On the other side of the city the tomb o... mais »


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EATING CHOCOLATE MAY REDUCE STROKE RISK Published by luxmed on September 23, 2012 While a bar of chocolate might be considered as a guilty pleasure by many of us, perhaps we don’t need to feel quite so bad about our weakness for this sweet treat. Research published recently in the journal Neurology indicated that men who consume a moderate amount of chocolate each week have a lower risk of experiencing a stroke. [image: Chocolate May Reduce The Risk of A Stroke]*The Study and its Finding* Over 137,000 Swedish men were recruited for the study conducted by researchers at the Institut... mais »


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La cataracte soignée par une molécule cousine du cholestérol Fabien Goubet Opération chirurgicale au plus fort taux de réussite, la cataracte pourrait aussi être combattue par un traitement au lanostérol. (Dwi Oblo/Reuters) [image: Opération chirurgicale au plus fort taux de réussite, la cataracte pourrait aussi être combattue par un traitement au lanostérol. (Dwi Oblo/Reuters)] La chirurgie ne sera peut-être bientôt plus la seule solution pour soigner cette affection qui rend opaque le cristallin. Une approche thérapeutique inédite recourt à une molécule cousine du cholestérol, le lan... mais »


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THE LIVES OF OUR HUNTER-GATHERER ANCESTORS -- 7/22/15 - 0 COMMENTS Today's selection -- from *Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind* by Yuval Noah Harari. The lives of our hunter-gatherer ancestors tens of thousands of years ago was in many ways far better than the lives of people the the agricultural communities that followed them. And their brains may have been larger: "Most Sapiens bands lived on the road, roaming from place to place in search of food. Their movements were influenced by the changing seasons, the annual migrations of animals and the growth cycles of plants.... mais »

1.7 billion years from now

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Earth expected to be habitable for another 1.75 billion yearsDate:September 18, 2013Source:University of East AngliaSummary:Habitable conditions on Earth will be possible for at least another 1.75 billion years – according to astrobiologists. "If we ever needed to move to another planet, Mars is probably our best bet. It's very close and will remain in the habitable zone until the end of the Sun's lifetime -- six billion years from now," one of the researchers said. A true-color NASA satellite mosaic of Earth. *Credit: NASA* Habitable conditions on Earth will be possible for at least ... mais »


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- 19:50 Hans RoslingThe best stats you've ever seen You've never seen data presented like this. With the drama and urgency of a sportscaster, statistics guru Hans Rosling debunks myths about the so-called "developing world." Watch later · 536 comments

origins of life

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Finding the origins of life in a drying puddle *Researchers find wet and dry cycles result in important chemical processes* [image: Student holding a sample for rsearch in the lab]Georgia Tech graduate student Sheng-Sheng Yu holds a sample subjected to repeated wet-dry cycles. Credit and Larger Version *July 20, 2015* Anyone who's ever noticed a water puddle drying in the sun has seen an environment that may have driven the type of chemical reactions that scientists believe were critical to the formation of life on the early Earth. Research at Georgia Institute of Technology reported ... mais »

Mental Health during economic crises

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GENEVA (Reuters) - Rich and poor countries alike must invest more in mental health care, especially during economic crises when rates of depression and suicide tend to rise, the World Health Organization (WHO)said on Tuesday. One in 10 people worldwide has a mental health disorder but only 1% of the global health workforce is treating such illnesses, which are still widely stigmatised, the United Nations agency said. "The resources devoted to mental health, financial as well as human resources, remain extremely small all over the world," Dr. Shekhar Saxena, Director of WHO's Departme... mais »

Vascular Dementia

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*How is vascular dementia diagnosed and differentiated from Alzheimer disease?* *Response from David B. Reuben, MD* Professor and Archstone Foundation Endowed Chair, Department of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles; Chief, Division of Geriatrics, UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica, California Making a diagnosis of vascular dementia is complicated for several reasons. First, vascular dementia has multiple causes and clinical types. Second, in contrast to Alzheimer disease, the diagnosis of vascular dementia has no pathognomonic criteria. Third, the clinical diagnostic crite... mais »

Earth Photo

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NASA Releases New Image of Earth - Alexandra Sifferlin @acsifferlin July 20, 2015 [image: Earth Blue Marble DISCOVR Nasa]NASAEarth seen from a distance of one million miles captured by a NASA scientific camera aboard the Deep Space Climate Observatory spacecarft on July 6, 2015.Check out the latest photo of planet Earth NASA released the first image of Earth from its Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite on Monday. The image shows a sunlit Earth from one million miles away. NASA says the photo was snapped with a Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC), a four megapixe... mais »

monoclonal antibodies x toxic oligomeric proteins

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PROMISING NEW TREATMENTS FOR ALZHEIMER’S TARGET MULTIPLE DISEASE-RELATED PROTEINS, MAY HAVE BENEFITS FOR SEVERAL BRAIN DISEASES *Drugs Targeting Protein Misfolding May Be Useful Across Neurodegenerative Diseases According to New Results Reported at Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2015* *WASHINGTON, DC, July 19, 2015 *– Promising early results of new drugs that target common components of several brain diseases that cause dementia – including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Lewy Body dementia – were reported today at the Alzheimer’s Association Internatio... mais »

Attorney Durable Power

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[image: Memory] Health After 50 Alzheimer's and the Importance of Durable Power of Attorney If you have recently been diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, you may be wondering what steps, if any, you can take to ensure that your wishes regarding any future medical decisions will be honored, even when you are no longer able to voice your preferences. In short, you’ll need to make your wishes known while you are still mentally capable of doing so. And the best way to do this to have a durable power of attorney for health care. Because a dementing illness such as Alzhe... mais »

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