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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

German Angst

Germans are worriers. We can hardly go one day without suffering existential anxiety and we hate change. It’s even got a name: “German angst.”
It’s real. The Unisys Security Index, based on a bi-annual survey of national, financial, Internet and personal security, currently shows a value of 146 out of a possible 300 points for Germany. In comparison: Great Britain’s at 103 on the angst scale, while Holland is only at 66.The Germans are driven by a feeling of permanent threat. To counteract this, they invented the welfare state, accept things like a reform backlog and spend billions on insurance policies to secure against practically any risk that life could throw at them./.../
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  1. Angst é uma palavra alemã, dinamarquesa, norueguesa e holandesa para medo ou ansiedade. É usada para descrever um conflito intenso. O termo Angst diferencia-se da palavra Furcht, que se refere normalmente à uma ameaça material, enquanto Angst normalmente é uma emoção não direcional. ...

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