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Sunday, March 13, 2016

2750 - AMICOR 18

AMICORE-Book atualizado

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AMICORE-Book 13 março, 2016 AMICORE-BOOK [image: ISFC logo139.jpg] AMICOR PROJETO DE E-BOOK Aproveito a mensagem de Alerta semanal para convidar para uma visita a um novo Blog que estou inaugurando onde pretendo reunir artigos meus, muitos já publicados - inclusive esparsos pelo Blog AMICOR - como um projeto de E-Book ou mesmo de um futuro livro. Índice para o AMICORE-BOOK.BLOGSPOT.COM: *Estendendo a opinião* *AMICOR* *Carnaval* *Bôrtolo Achutti* *Histórias que meu pai contava - 1* *Histórias que meu pai contava - 2* *Histórias que meu pai contava - 3* *Bairro Itararé - SM* *O Trem*... mais »

“Doorway Effect”

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New post on *Mind Hacks* Why you forget what you came for when you enter the roomby tomstafford Forgetting why you entered a room is called the “Doorway Effect”, and it may reveal as much about the strengths of human memory, as it does the weaknesses, says psychologist Tom Stafford. We’ve all done it. Run upstairs to get your keys, but forget that it is them you’re looking for once you get to the bedroom. Open the fridge door and reach for the middle shelf only to realise that we can't remember why we opened the fridge in the first place. Or wait for a moment to interrupt a friend t... mais »

Sharapova Meldonium

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More Than 60 Athletes Have Tested Positive for Meldonium By CHRISTOPHER CLAREYMARCH 10, 2016 339 COMMENTS PhotoBesides Maria Sharapova, above, other athletes to test positive for meldonium include an Olympic gold medalist in short-track speedskating, a world champion speedskater, an Olympic silver medalist in wrestling and a world champion runner. CreditAlastair Grant/Associated Press More than 60 athletes, including Olympic medalists and world champions, have tested positive this year for meldonium, the performance-enhancing drug that Maria Sharapova admitted to using, according to ... mais »

Estetoscopio: 200

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julio abramczyk [image: julio abramczyk] Médico formado pela Escola Paulista de Medicina/Unifesp, faz parte do corpo clínico do Hospital Santa Catarina, onde foi diretor-clínico. Escreve aos sábados. Os 200 anos do estetoscópio 12/03/2016 01h50 Referência enviada pela AMICOR Maria Inês Reinert Azambuja Compartilhar173 Mais opções Estudantes de medicina carregam orgulhosamente o estetoscópio no pescoço –e os médicos antigos, no bolso do avental. Ele ajuda a escutar os sons do coração, o murmúrio dos alvéolos pulmonares e as sofridas contrações do peristaltismo intestinal. É uma peça obr... mais »


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The Hidden Health Benefits of Dancing New research shows that dancing can dramatically improve fitness, even for those who are up in years or out of shape

Immunotherapy for Cancer

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 13 horas
Dramatic remissions in blood cancer in immunotherapy treatment trial March 10, 2016 [image: T cells ft] "We are at the precipice of a revolution in cancer treatment based on using immunotherapy." --- Stanley Riddell, MD Recent advances in an immune-cell cancer treatment — a type of immunotherapy* using engineered immune cells to target specific molecules on cancer cells — are producing dramatic results for people with cancer, according to Stanley Riddell, MD, an immunotherapy researcher and oncologist at Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Recent advances in an immune... mais »

Cataract restolring bision

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Scientists grow eye lens from patients’ own stem cells, restoring vision March 11, 2016 [image: eye lens regrown ft] In pioneering new cataract treatment of 12 pediatric patients, the eye grew a new lens from its own stem cells after cloudy lens was removed Researchers at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and Shiley Eye Institute, with colleagues in China, have developed an eye lens restoration treatment that has been tested in animals and in a small human clinical trial. It produced much fewer surgical complications than the current standard-of-care and resulte... mais »

Dia Internacional da Mulher

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*Dia Internacional da Mulher* Anteriormente já publiquei algo relacionado com o mesmo dia em 2013 sob o título MULHERES quando Dra. Valderês foi uma das profissionais selecionadas pelo Sindicato Médico do RS para homenagear Mulheres e Práticas de Saúde no RS. Em 2016 temos um motivo adicional: nossa única neta Júlia Bellardinelli Achutti entrou para a Faculdade de Ciências da Saúde no Curso de Física Médica. Em nome delas desejo homenagear todas as AMICOR, outras leitoras, colegas, cuidadoras e amigas.

Rev Br Pesquisa em Ciências da Saúde

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Da AMICOR Maria Ines Azambuja Prezado pesquisador(a), *A Revista Brasileira de Pesquisa em Ciências da Saúde* - *RBPeCS* é uma revista eletrônica voltada para a publicação em manuscritos relacionados a pesquisa em ciências da saúde e é destinada principalmente a publicação de manuscritos originais. O processo de submissão é simples e a revisão de seu manuscrito será rápida, cerca de 1 a 2 meses. A publicação do artigo não tem custos e o acesso é livre para download. Convido-os (as) para uma visita ao site do periódico para nos conhecer, se cadastrar como autor, leitor ou avaliad... mais »

US Gov. Brain Project

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The U.S. Government Launches a $100-Million "Apollo Project of the Brain" Intelligence project aims to reverse engineer the brain to find algorithms that allow computers to think more like humans

From Superbugs to bugs

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MRSA superbug’s resistance to antibiotics is broken From New Scientist 181 DAILY NEWS 9 March 2016 [image: MRSA bacteria] From superbug to… bug. Newly discovered chemical compounds can make MRSA bacteria vulnerable to the antibiotics they normally resist, restoring the old drug’s former powers. Methicillin-resistant *Staphylococcus aureaus*, commonly known as MRSA, is a major cause of hospital-acquired infections, and the second biggest cause of death by drug-resistant bacteria in the US. These bacteria are resistant to the most widely used class of antibiotics, called beta-lactams,... mais »

doctors marry doctors

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*Nos escolhemos este caminho há mais de sessenta anos e parece que deu certo!...*Should doctors marry doctors? Here are the challenges they face. TANIKA FORESTAL | PHYSICIAN | MARCH 9, 2016 Fifty years ago, it was very uncommon to find doctors married to other doctors. Why? To answer that question, we need to explore the sociology of the time. Fewer women went to college, which meant fewer female doctors. Many couples married early, right out of high school or right after college. If the wife had career aspirations herself, these were often put aside in order to help her husband get t... mais »

interstellar wind

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All we are is dust in the interstellar wind 03/09/2016 10:54 AM EST [image: cosmic dust] Cosmic dust is not simply something to sweep under the rug and forget about. Instead, National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded astronomers are studying and even mapping it to learn more about what it might be hiding from us, where it comes from and what it's turning into. Some researchers are delving deep down to see how dust comes together at the atomic level, while others are looking at the big picture to see where stars and planets might be forming in dusty stellar ... More at http://www.nsf.go... mais »


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Americans Are Getting More Stressed Out, Study Finds - Daniel White @danielatlarge Experiencing day-to-day discrimination or poor health is connected to higher levels of stress for Americans Americans were pretty stressed out in 2015, according to a survey released Thursday. The study, conducted by the American Psychological Association, found that average stress levels in the U.S. rose since 2014, from 4.9 to 5.1 on a 10-point stress scale. There was a particular increase among adults reporting “extreme stress,” with 24% saying they were highly stressed in 2015 compared to 18% ...mais »

Medicine Moral Ethos

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Era 3 for Medicine and Health Care FREE ONLINE FIRST Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP1 [+] Author Affiliations *JAMA*. Published online March 03, 2016. doi:10.1001/jama.2016.1509 Text Size: A A A Article References Constant conflict roils the health care landscape, including issues related to the Affordable Care Act, electronic health records, payment changes, and consolidation of hospitals and health plans. The morale of physicians and other clinicians is in jeopardy.1 One foundational cause of the discord is an epic collision of 2 eras with incompatible beliefs. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ C... mais »

Glycemic Control in Older Adults

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Polypharmacy in the Aging PatientA Review of Glycemic Control in Older Adults With Type 2 Diabetes Kasia J. Lipska, MD, MHS1; Harlan Krumholz, MD, SM2,3,4; Tacara Soones, MD, MPH5; Sei J. Lee, MD, MAS6,7 [+] Author Affiliations *JAMA. *2016;315(10):1034-1045. doi:10.1001/jama.2016.0299. Text Size: A A A Article Figures Tables Supplemental Content References CME ABSTRACT ABSTRACT | INTRODUCTION | METHODS | RESULTS | DISCUSSION | CLINICAL CASES: MANAGING GLYCEMIA IN OLDER PATIENTS | CONCLUSIONS | ARTICLE INFORMATION | REFERENCES *Importance* There is substantial uncertainty about optimal ... mais »


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[image: saudeurbana] *ACHUTTI AC. Espaço-Tempo [Editorial]. Arq. Bras. Cardiol. v. 106, n. 2, p. 82-83, 2016.* Disponível em: [clique aqui para baixar o artigo] Saúde Urbana, Ambiente e Desigualdades Programa de Extensão e Pesquisa


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Is Empagliflozin a Diabetes 'Game Changer'? Matthew L. Mintz, MD Disclosures | March 02, 2016 Do Prescribing Trends Foretell the Future? When a new version of inhaled insulin was approved less than 2 years ago, it had the potential to become a major component of diabetes treatment. However, given the recent announcement that pharmaceutical giant Sanofi will stop distributing Afrezza® after a year of poor sales, it is unlikely that the product developed by Mannkind will change the diabetes landscape. Another diabetes treatment has received even more fanfare lately, and one must wonder i... mais »

@ Ray Tomlinson died March 5

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How One Man Saved the ‘@’ Symbol - Alex Fitzpatrick @alexjamesfitz March 7, 2016 Ray Tomlinson died March 5 If there’s a single symbol that represents the Internet Age, it’s the “@” sign. The second it makes its appearance in a string of text, our brains instantly recognize there’s something digital at hand, whether it be an email address, Twitter username or chat handle. But there’s nothing innate about “@” that screams “computer.” In fact, it’s hundreds of years old, provided you believe a researcher who traced it back to 16th century Italian merchants. Then and afterwards, ... mais »

The Lancet > Autoimmune encephalitis

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Volume 15, No. 4, p349–350, April 2016 Comment Autoimmune encephalitis: paving the way for early diagnosis Jean-Christophe Antoine[image: email] Published Online: 19 February 2016 [image: Article has an altmetric score of 21] DOI: [image: show]Article Info - Summary - Full Text - References A major and fascinating development in neuroimmunology in the past 10 years has been the impressive rise in the number of antibodies identified that recognise neuronal cell-surface or synaptic proteins.1 Identification of these antibodies has ... mais »

Anti-aging treatments

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Human-skin discovery suggests new anti-aging treatments March 4, 2016 [image: human skin ft] For the first time, researchers have reported decreases in levels of a key molecule in aging human skin, which could lead to developing new anti-aging treatments and screening new compounds. Scientists have known for some time that major structures in the cell called mitochondria (which generate and control most of the cell’s supply of energy) … more…

Particle Physics

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Latest CERN Results Indicate There Is Something Very Wrong With Particle Physics March 5, 2016 | by Alfredo Carpineti photo credit: Computer simulation of rare decay of Bs meson in the LHCb detector. CERN 25.5K Science is always pushing the limit of accepted theories until we find that they don’t work anymore. And the latest results from CERN indicate that we might be on the verge of new physics. The data looks at a special particle called a B meson. The current theory of particle physics, the Standard Model, has very specific predictions on the frequency and angle at which the B meso... mais »

fairy tales

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*Maria Popova* ‏@brainpicker 13h13 hours ago The story behind Einstein's famous words on why fairy tales are the best education Einstein on Fairy Tales and Education“How far superior an education that stresses independent action and personal responsibility is to one that relies on drill, external authority and ambition.”

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