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Monday, July 11, 2016

AD and Retina

Detecting Alzheimer’s Before Symptoms Appear With Aid of New Eye Technology

by Neuroscience News
Human trials are scheduled for a new eye technology that researchers say could detect Alzheimer's before symptoms appear.
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How to detect early signs of Alzheimer’s with a simple eye exam before symptoms appear

Human clinical trials are set to start in July in Minnesota
July 12, 2016
retina - red wavelength ft
University of Minnesota (UMN) scientists and associates have developed new technology that can detect signs of Alzheimer’s before the onset of symptoms — early enough to give drugs a chance to work — in mice and humans by simply examining the back of their eyes.
Looking at Alzheimer’s effects through the eye is a key advantage of the new technology. “The retina of the eye is not just ‘connected’… read more

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