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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Genomically complexity of life

Err, Remember That Little Problem About Novelty?

“Life is genomically complex”

The theory of evolution has made many predictions about what we should find in biology. Those predictions have routinely failed and that tells us there is something wrong with the idea. One such prediction is that the genomes and their protein products, from different species, should form a common descent pattern. The graphic above shows an example of this prediction from a high school textbook written by evolutionist George Johnson. In that example Johnson informs his young readers that the hemoglobin protein “reveals the predicted pattern.” That was a misrepresentation of the evidence at the time, and since then the failure of this prediction has only grown worse. Another more recent, but related, prediction is that evolution is largely driven by regulatory proteins which regulate the construction of other proteins. These regulatory proteins control the embryonic development stages and the idea was that species evolve by slight modifications to how these proteins function. This prediction has also failed, and even evolutionist are now admitting the evidence contradicts what they were claiming only a few years ago. Here is how one evolutionist explains the failure of these predictions:

ornelius Hunter

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