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Sunday, May 11, 2014

2653 - AMICOR 16

Dia das Mães

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 6 horas
*FELIZ DIA DAS MÃES À TODAS AS MAMÃES AMICOR!* *Abraço extensivo aos parceiros que contribuíram para que chegassem la...* [image: Feliz Dia das Mães!]


Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 6 horas
*Júlia, minha linda neta em seu computador novo!*

Artificial intelligence

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 15 horas
Are we taking AI seriously enough? May 5, 2014 [image: MQ-9 Reaper unmanned combat air vehicle (credit: General Atomics)]“Dismissing the notion of highly intelligent machines as mere science fiction,” as portrayed in current movies, would be a mistake, and “potentially our worst mistake in history,” write leading scientists Stephen Hawking, Stuart Russell, Max Tegmark, and Frank Wilczek, in The Independent. AI research is now progressing rapidly, and “will probably pale against what the coming … more… [image: (Credit: IBM)] “Can a... mais »


Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 15 horas
Want to live to 90?May 5, 2014[image: (Credit: CBS)] *One of the biggest surprises so far in the study is that 40 percent of the time, what seemed to be Alzheimer’s disease in people over 90 actually wasn’t. The researchers learned this by studying the brains of the subjects after death; many showed evidence of microscopic strokes. Kawas says she hasn’t yet figured out what caused the strokes, so she can’t say how to prevent them. She tells Stahl, “I wish I did. But I will soon, I hope.”* A landmark study of retirement community residents who lived past 90 is providing a guide that co... mais »

Bone marrow-on-a-chip

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 15 horas
Bone marrow-on-a-chip unveiledMay 6, 2014 *[+]* Microscopic view of the engineered bone with an opening exposing the internal trabecular bony network, overlaid with colored images of blood cells and a supportive vascular network that fill the open spaces in the bone marrow-on-a-chip (credit: James Weaver/Harvard’s Wyss Institute) A new organ-on-a-chip developed by researchers from Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering reproduces the structure, functions, and cellular make-up of bone marrow, a complex tissue that until now could only be studied intact in living... mais »

Teeth Stem Cells

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 15 horas
Stem cells from teeth can make neuron-like cells and networks May 6, 2014 [image: mouse-derived dental pulp stem cell] University of Adelaide researchers have discovered that stem cells taken from teeth can grow to form complex networks of neuron-like cells, suggesting a possible therapy for stroke. Although these cells haven’t developed into fully fledged neurons, researchers believe it’s just a matter of time and the right conditions for it to happen. “Stem cells from … more…


Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 15 horas
Astronomers create first realistic virtual universe May 8, 2014** [image: illustris-simulation] Astronomers have created the first realistic virtual universe using a computer simulation called “Illustris.” Illustris can recreate 13 billion years of cosmic evolution in a cube 350 million light-years on a side with unprecedented resolution. “Until now, no single simulation was able to reproduce the universe on both large and small scales simultaneously,” says lead … more…

“miniature neurotransmission”

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 16 horas
Brain ‘noise’ found to nurture synapsesMay 8, 2014 [image: McCabe-CUMC-image-brain-noise] A developing Drosophila synapse superimposed over electrophysiology recordings of minis (credit: Lab of Brian McCabe, PhD/ Columbia University Medical Center) A long-overlooked form of neuron-to-neuron communication called “miniature neurotransmission” plays an essential role in the development of synapses, a study by researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) has shown. The findings, made in fruit flies, raise the possibility that abnormalities in miniature neurotransmission may co...mais »

Sem título

José Antonio BrenneremBrenner de Santa Maria - Há 16 horas
*Feira do Livro de Santa Maria**/2014 Patrimônio cultural da cidade* *Uma história de 52 anos* A Feira do Livro de Santa Maria, em sua 41ª edição, foi aberta no dia 26 de maio, na Praça Saldanha Marinho, e será encerrada neste domingo, 11 de abril, mostrando, mais uma vez, a qualidade da Comissão Organizadora e equipe de trabalho, nesta edição sob a diligente coordenação geral da Secr. de Cultura Marília Chartune Teixeira. É a maior feira literária do interior do Rio Grande do Sul, que, a cada ano, cresce em importância, qualidade e dimensão. * Primeira edição – 1962* O e... mais »

Cellphones as health monitor

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 16 horas
GaitTrack app makes cellphone a medical monitor for heart and lung patients May 9, 2014 [image: (Credit: University of Illinois)] By simply carrying around their cellphones, patients who suffer from chronic disease could soon have an accurate health monitor that warns their doctors when their symptoms worsen. GaitTrack, an app developed by researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the U. of I. at Chicago, doesn’t just count steps. It uses eight parameters … more…

new lifeform

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 16 horas
Scientists create new lifeform with added DNA base pair May 9, 2014 [image: (Credit: iStock)] Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have engineered a bacterium whose genetic material includes an added pair of DNA “letters” (bases) not found in nature. The research was intended to created new proteins — and even new organisms — that have never existed before. “Life on Earth in all its diversity is encoded by …more…

“Dramas, comédias e tragédias nas Picadas de Bom Jardim/Ivoti”

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 16 horas
*Lançamento de um livro coordenado pelo Professor Roque Amadeu Kreutz, no qual existe uma contribuição minha (01 da Secção IV)* *Sumário do livro “Dramas, comédias e tragédias nas Picadas de Bom Jardim/Ivoti” (no qual se encontram os respectivos autores)* Apresentação – *Roque Amadeu Kreutz* Prefácio 01 – *Maria Stephanou* Prefácio 02 – Andréa Cristina Baum Schneck *I. Situações cômicas (fatos reais)* 01 - Personagens típicos e suas travessuras – *Walter Egon Mundstock* 02 - Divertido Baile de Kerb em Picada Feijão – *Depoimento de Aloísio Benno Berviam – Texto de R. Amadeu Kreutz* ... mais »


Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há um dia
[image: One Billion People Still Defecate Outdoors] One Billion People Still Defecate Outdoors One billion people worldwide still practise "open defecation" and they need to be told that this leads to the spread of fatal diseases, U.N. experts said on Thursday at the launch of a study on drinking water and sanitation. [image: t][image: f]Continue reading

II Guerra Mundial

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR EXTENSION - Há 2 dias
*08 de maio de 1945 - Fim da 2a Guerra Mundial* Tentarei analisar porque esta data tem grande significado para mim.

Inflammation self-control

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 2 dias
Inflammation Reduced with Behavioral Training Subjects were taught to suppress their immune responses using physical conditioning May 6, 2014 |By Heidi Ledford and Nature magazine [image: people can learn to modulate immune response] The results, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggest that people can learn to modulate their immune responses — a finding that has raised hopes for patients who have chronic inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis andinflammatory bowel disease. *Credit: Thinkstock* Dutch celebrity daredevil Wim Hof has endured... mais »

FLU 1918

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 5 dias
*Há mais de 20 anos a AMICOR Maria Inês Reinert Azambuja já havia desvendado este mistério...*Mystery of the pandemic flu virus of 1918 solved [image: Mystery of the pandemic flu virus of 1918 solved by University of Arizona researchers]Enlarge This is from an emergency hospital during the influenza epidemic, Camp Funston, Kan. Credit: Otis Historical Archives Nat'l Museum of Health & Medicine A study led by Michael Worobey at the University of Arizona in Tucson provides the most conclusive answers yet to two of the world's foremost biomedical mysteries of the past century: the origin... mais »

Léa 1979

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR EXTENSION - Há 5 dias
*Dona Léa, mãe da Valderês aos 68 anos deu uma entrevista para o Jornal A RAZÃO de Santa Maria por ocasião de homenagem no Dia do Panificador, através da Associação dos Profissionais da Indústria da Panificação.* *Encontrei este recorte que bem retrata sua personalidade e vale para lembrá-la, mesmo não sendo dia do padeiro nem de seu aniversário que comemoramos em fim de junho. Ela quase completou seus oitenta anos.*


Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 6 dias
Therapy of Hepatitis C — Back to the Future T. Jake Liang, M.D., and Marc G. Ghany, M.D., M.H.Sc. May 4, 2014DOI: 10.1056/NEJMe1403619 ArticleReferences A book on hepatitis C would read like a marriage of an Orson Welles mystery and a Shakespearean play — awash in enigma, tragedy, despair, resilience, redemption, and triumph. It is only fitting that treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection stands at center stage of such a book. After the initial introduction of interferon alfa as the mainstay of therapy, the field stalled for more than 10 years. Although the introduction of rib... mais »

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Vitor Gomes said...

Prof. Achutti,
leio e sempre aprendo muito com seu incrível blog. Neste, vejo os textos sobre inteligência artificial e em especial o que trata de Longevity/Alzheimer: excelente!
Chamou-me a atenção o breve comment sobre a 2a. Guerra. Nasci no ano da enchente do Guaíba, em 1941 (depois fizeram aquela muralha horrível e nunca mais a água veio). Continue produzindo!
Cumprimentos, Vitor