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Sunday, August 09, 2015

2718 - AMICOR 18 - Feliz dia dos Pais!

Feliz dia dos Pais!

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[image: Dia dos Pais]


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Current Issue AUGUST 2015 VOL 16 NO 8 - Research Highlights - Reviews - Perspectives Also this month: - Featured Article:Immune mediators in the brain and peripheral tissues in autism spectrum disorder - Previous [image: Front cover of Nature Reviews Neuroscience] About the cover Search Advanced search

Decreto nº 8.497

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 4 horas
*Decreto nº 8.497 – Qual a real intenção do Governo Federal?* A comunidade médica brasileira recebeu com espanto e indignação, mas sem surpresa, o decreto nº 8.497 da Presidência da República, publicado no último dia 5 de agosto. Criado sob despretensioso e inofensivo objetivo de “formação do Cadastro Nacional de Especialistas”, o decreto traz uma série de artigos que versam sobre muito mais aspectos do que mera organização de informações sobre médicos especialistas brasileiros. Informações estas, já disponíveis ao Ministério da Saúde na base de dados do CFM (Conselho Federal de Medi... mais »

Antonio Claudio Mendes Ribeiro

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*Encontrei na ZH de hoje notícia do falecimento do AMICOR Antônio Cláudio Mendes Ribeiro. O falecimento teria ocorrido há dois meses. Fazia tempo que não tinha mais contato direto com ele.* *Estou procurando mais informações. Fui amigo e médico do pai e da mãe dele. Ele estagiou no Serviço de Cardioloiga da PUCRS, fundado por mim, mas depois de meu afastamento. Estivemos na Inglaterra por ocasião de seu primeiro casamento, onde conhecemos Dra. Tatiana.* - Endereço para acessar este CV: - Última atualização do currículo em 13/01/2015 -----... mais »

reaching age 100 (or more)

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 20 horas
Scientists reveal secrets for reaching age 100 (or more) Prime factors: long telemere length (pre-age 100) and low inflammation August 6, 2015 Leukocyte (white blood cell) telomere length in study participants up to 115 years of age. Statistical regression lines belonging to these groups are indicated by the same color as the data. (credit: Yasumichi Arai et al./EBioMedicine) Scientists say they have cracked the secret of why some people live a healthy and physically independent life over the age of 100: keeping inflammation down and telomeres long./../

Gene drives

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Move over, autonomous AI weapons, there’s a new risk in town: ‘gene drives’ August 6, 2015 [image: An Anopheles stephensi mosquito — a known malarial vector — obtains a blood meal from a human host in this photo. Wyss Institute scientists believe that synthetic gene drives, if researched further with great prudence and responsibility to avoid unintended ecological impacts, could potentially be used in the future to render mosquito populations unable to transmit malaria. (credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC))] Unanimous international consensus reached by 26 scienti... mais »

Immunity and aging

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 20 horas
How aging cripples the immune system August 7, 2015 [image: Thymus (credit: Wikimedia Commons)] New research findings reinforce benefits of antioxidants by lowering free radicals Aging cripples the production of new immune cells, decreasing the immune system’s response to vaccines and putting the elderly at risk of infection, but antioxidants in the diet may slow this damaging process. That’s a new finding by scientists from the Florida campus of The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), published in an open-access paper in … more…

5 y Mortality Predictors

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5 year mortality predictors in 498 103 UK Biobank participants: a prospective population-based study Andrea Ganna, PhD , Prof Erik Ingelsson, MD[image: correspondence][image: email] Published Online: 03 June 2015 [image: Article has an altmetric score of 523] DOI: | Share on mendeleyShare on facebookShare on twitterShare on emailMore Sharing Services [image: show]Article Info - Summary - Full Text - Tables and Figures - References - Supplementary Material Jump to SectionIntroductionMethodsResultsDiscussionSupplementary Mat... mais »

The largest feature in the universe

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Five billion light years across: The largest feature in the universeDate:August 4, 2015Source:Royal Astronomical Society (RAS)Summary:Astronomers have found what appears to be the largest feature in the observable universe: a ring of nine gamma ray bursts -- and hence galaxies - 5 billion light years across. An image of the distribution of GRBs on the sky at a distance of 7 billion light years, centred on the newly discovered ring. The positions of the GRBs are marked by blue dots and the Milky Way is indicated for reference, running from left to right across the image. *Credit: L. B... mais »

why does hair change colour and turn grey?

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What determines the colour of hair? Most of us find our first “greys” by the time we turn 30, usually at the temples, then later, across the scalp. While many people find the salt and pepper look appealing, others go to great lengths to conceal these locks. The grey hair “rule of thumb” is that by the age of 50, half of the population have lost the colour in 50% of their hair. When researchers tested this rule, they found that 74% of people aged between 45 and 65 had grey hair, with an average intensity of 27%. Generally, men have more grey hair than women. Asians and Africans have le... mais »

Benjamin Libet and free will

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*Benjamin Libet* (/ˈlɪbət/;[1] April 12, 1916, Chicago, Illinois – July 23, 2007, Davis, California) was a pioneering scientist in the field of human consciousness. Libet was a researcher in the physiology department of theUniversity of California, San Francisco. In 2003, he was the first recipient of the *Virtual Nobel Prize in Psychology* from the University of Klagenfurt, "for his pioneering achievements in the experimental investigation of consciousness, initiation of action, and free will".[2] [image: Resultado de imagem para benjamin libet]In the 1970s, Libet was involved in... mais »


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[image: JSTOR Daily] LET PANPSYCHISM EXPAND YOUR MINDBY BENJAMIN WINTERHALTERThe revival of panpsychism—the philosophical viewpoint that all matter and energy are able to feel things—represents a serious challenge to our complacent attitudes about science. Critics often dismiss panpsychism as hippie nonsense, but it has deep roots in the works of Aristotle, Plato, and Spinoza. Read more.

Ciro Carlos Araujo de Quadros (Rio Pardo, RS: January 30, 1940 – May 28, 2014)

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[image: Resultado de imagem para ciro quadros] *Enviado pelo AMICOR Airton Fischmann* *Amigos, vejam o lindo o cordel da Socorro Acioli homenageando Ciro Quadros.* As part of its “The Art of Saving a Life” project — a collection of artwork and stories about the impact of vaccines — the Gates Foundation shared this poem about Ciro, by the Brazilian author Socorro Acioli. *Drops from a hero (*A cordel) My name is Antonio I have a tale to tell I will tell you with verses and rhymes A Brazilian poetry called cordel Once upon a time, I met a superhero. He couldn’t fly, he had no spec... mais »

Hiroshima, 1945

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*Hiroshima Survivors* *Survivor of the Hiroshima Nuclear Bomb Recalls the Bombing and Its Aftermath* *Survivor of the Nagasaki Atom Bomb Describes His ExperienceContribuição de meu amigo Alexandre Gruszynski* REVUE DE PRESSE 11:42Comment les médias de l’époque ont parlé de la bombe atomique à Hiroshima Olivier Perrin (Courrier international) [image: (Courrier international)] Au lendemain du largage de la bombe sur le Japon, la presse est totalement surprise. Elle minimise d’abord souvent, car elle ignore encore les conséquences du drame LES LIENS - Hiroshima, 6 août... mais »

Alzheimer’s Association International Conference

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Dr. Knopman Talks the Latest and Greatest in Alzheimer’s Research #ENDALZ, Alzheimer's & the Brain, Current Studies, Diagnosing Alzheimer's, Risk Factors/ Prevention Add comments Jul242015 We asked, and you answered! Below you will find a Q&A with Dr. David Knopman in our Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) feature “Ask the Expert.” We asked you to share what you would ask a researcher if you had a chance, and you asked important probing questions regarding Alzheimer’s symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and advancements. Read all of the questions and answers below.... mais »


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Which Character Strengths Are Most Predictive of Well-Being? If you seek high well-being, your best bets are gratitude and love of learning

Climate Change and Public Health

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*Sugerido pela AMICOR Maria Inês Reinart Azambuja*Climate Change and Public Health Factsheets - *Climate Change and Public Health* - *Climate change, air contaminants, and your health* - *Climate change, forest fires and your health* - *Climate change, floods and your health* ------------------------------ Climate Change and Public HealthWhat is climate change? Climate change refers to any significant long term change in current normal climate conditions, such as temperature, precipitation, extreme weather events, snow cover and sea level rise. There is a clear scienti... mais »


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*Há umas duas semanas na mesa redonda de encerramento do Congresso sobre Ambiente, coordenado pelo Professor Campani, discutíamos sobre as dificuldades de diálogo entre humanistas/ecologistas e a cultura dominante no mundo regulado pelo capital e o mercado. * *Também, dias antes conversava com outro amigo, Professor Padula sobre características da língua e escrita Chinesa (ideográfica) e a nossa (alfabética que não deixa de ser uma forma de codificar fonemas em vez de números). O livro recomendado por , cujo link segue abaixo, discute aspectos dessa mesma questã...mais »

Arsenic and Rice

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Simple Cooking Method Flushes Arsenic out of Rice Preparing rice in a coffee machine can halve levels of the naturally occurring but toxic substance By Emily Sohn and Nature magazine | July 27, 2015 More on this Topic - [image: Politics Derail Science on Arsenic, Endangering Public Health]Politics Derail Science on Arsenic, Endangering Public Health - [image: High Levels of Arsenic Found in Groundwater Near Fracking Sites]High Levels of Arsenic Found in Groundwater Near Fracking Sites - Why Bangladesh Water Contains Arsenic - Arsenic in Drinking Water May Accelera... mais »

Magna Carta

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Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy [image: Magna Carta detail with model of King John]

Valderês Fisioterapia

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Pretendo retomar esta apresentação do Blog e colocar fotos do quotidiano. Dia 03 de agosto de 2015: Valderês com Fisioterapêuta Aline Chagastelles de Macedo (prima da Rafaela de Macedo que se mudou para SP e que nos acompanhava desde 2011), Noeli Abreu e Celita Maria Ludvig.

Maria Dorothea Schirmer Brenner

José Antonio BrenneremBrenner de Santa Maria - Há 5 dias
O dia de hoje marca os 180 anos do nascimento de Maria Dorothea Schirmer, Brenner por casamento. Ela nasceu em Campo Bom, em 3 de agosto de 1835, filha do imigrante Philipp Jakob Schirmer, que chegara à Colônia Alemã de São Leopoldo, em 17 de fevereiro de 1827. Com 16 anos de idade, ele imigrara na companhia de seus pais Georg Schirmer e Katharina Elisabetha Heinz, e de seus irmãos mais novos Kasper, Jakob e Jakob Adam. A família Schirmer recebeu sua terra em Campo Bom, linha colonial de recente estabelecimento (1825). Era, possivelmente, o lote colonial de número 207. Phili... mais »

Medicine and Market

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August 2015 Volume 17, Number 8 Medicine and the market Hannah L. Kushnick, MA In taking for granted that the U.S. health care system is market-based, we sometimes overlook the ethics problems created by the profit motive in medicine. Full Article | [image: pdf] Download Money and medicine: Indivisible and irreconcilable Eli Y. Adashi, MD, MS Physicians deserve compensation for their services, but, to some, the thought of medicine as a road to personal wealth is an example of the free market gone awry. Full Article | [image: pdf] Download

conectividade funcional e AD

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 5 dias
É desenvolvido um biomarcador para a doença de Alzheimer 29/07/2015 More Sharing Services0 A procura de novos marcadores para a doença de Alzheimer é uma desafio fundamental para estabelecer de forma precoce um diagnóstico preciso da doença. Este diagnóstico precoce poderia levar a um tratamento mais eficaz quando ainda o córtex cerebral está menos prejudicado. Investigadores do Laboratório de Neurociência Cognitiva e Computacional (UCM-UPM) do Centro de Tecnologia Biomédica (CTB) da Universidade Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), em colaboração com Guillermo García-Ribas, médico do Serviço... mais »

ceramida resistência à insulina e inflamação, esfingosina faz o oposto.

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Enzima aumenta a sensibilidade à insulina, potencial terapia para tratar o diabetes tipo 2 23/07/2015 A redução de altas concentrações de uma molécula de gordura que é comumente encontrada em pessoas com diabetes e doença do fígado gorduroso não alcoólico melhora rapidamente a sensibilidade à insulina, descobriram pesquisadores de diabetes do UT Southwestern Medical Center. A insulina é um hormônio essencial que ajuda o corpo a converter açúcar em energia, absorver nutrientes e reduzir o armazenamento de açúcares como gordura. A baixa sensibilidade à insulina reduz a eficácia desses p... mais »

Best Books of 2015

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Here Are the Best Books of 2015 So Far - TIME Staff July 30, 2015 See TIME's picks for our favorite titles from the front half of the year It’s turning into a big year for readers. Though highly-anticipated releases from authors such as Jonathan Franzen and Harper Lee remain on the horizon, 2015 has already produced enough great books to topple a nightstand. To help you sort through the year’s offerings or choose which titles to add to your summer reading list, TIME has ranked the best books of 2015 (so far). The picks span genre and form — including a darkly enchanting collecti... mais »

Death and Life

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A Zen Master Explains Death and the Life-Force to a Child and Outlines the Three Essential Principles of Zen Mind*by Maria Popova* *“Zen practice … requires great faith, great courage, and great questioning.”* If death is so enormous a mystery that we remain unable to wrap our grownup minds around it, despite comfort from our great poets and consolation from our great philosophers, how are tiny humans to make sense of it all? Although there exist someexceptional children’s books about loss and grief, explaining death to a child remains one of the most challenging tasks for a human be... mais »

Laughter infant

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Laughter as a window on the infant mind *What makes a baby laugh? The answer might reveal a lot about the making of our minds, says Tom Stafford.* What makes babies laugh? It sounds like one of the most fun questions a researcher could investigate, but there’s a serious scientific reason why Caspar Addyman wants to find out. He’s not the first to ask this question. Darwin studied laughter in his infant son, and Freud formed a theory that our tendency to laugh originates in a sense of superiority. So we take pleasure at seeing another’s suffering – slapstick style pratfalls and acciden... mais »

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