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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Closing the Gap

How can we create economic opportunity for all?
How can we avoid technology-fueled unemployment tomorrow?

<h5>Tom Friedman</h5>Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist
Tom Friedman
Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist
<h5>Robert Reich</h5>Former U.S. Labor Secretary
Robert Reich
Former U.S. Labor Secretary
<h5>Dr. Henry Kissinger</h5>Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Dr. Henry Kissinger
Nobel Peace Prize Winner
<h5>Nouriel Roubini</h5>Economist, NYU Stern School of Business
Nouriel Roubini
Economist, NYU Stern School of Business
<h5>Chrystia Freeland</h5>Member of Parliament, Canada
Chrystia Freeland
Member of Parliament, Canada
<h5>Niall Ferguson</h5>Harvard University
Niall Ferguson
Harvard University
<h5>Dan Ariely</h5>Behaviorial Economist @ Duke
Dan Ariely
Behaviorial Economist @ Duke
<h5>Andrew McAfee</h5>Author @ MIT
Andrew McAfee
Author @ MIT
<h5>Salim Ismail</h5>Global Ambassador for Singularity University
Salim Ismail
Global Ambassador for Singularity University
<h5>Clara Miller</h5>President, Heron Foundation
Clara Miller
President, Heron Foundation
<h5>Vivek Wadhwa</h5>Stanford University
Vivek Wadhwa
Stanford University
<h5>Philip Zelikow</h5>University of Virginia
Philip Zelikow
University of Virginia
<h5>Gerald Huff</h5>Tesla Motors
Gerald Huff
Tesla Motors
“The defining issue of our time.” - Nouriel Roubini

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