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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Brain Project

The Human Brain Project asks wider neuroscience community to start using its hardware and software
  • By Quirin SchiermeierAlison AbbottNature magazine on April 1, 2016
    • tty Images/iStockphoto

    • Europe’s major brain-research project has unveiled a set of prototype computing tools and called on the global neuroscience community to start using them. The move marks the end of the 30-month ramp-up phase of the Human Brain Project (HBP), and the start of its operational phase.
      The release of the computing platforms—which include brain-simulation tools, visualization software and a pair of remotely accessible supercomputers to study brain processes in real time—could help to allay concerns about the €1-billion (US$1.1-billion) project’s benefits to the wider scientific community. /.../

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