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Monday, May 25, 2015

Trade and Health

Impacts of trade and investment agreements on health

Several civil society organisations gathered at the launch of the alternative world health report, Global Health Watch 4 at Geneva's Press Club, on 20th of May 2015. The launch was accompanied by a panel discussion on the ‘Impacts of trade and investment agreements on health’. The event was organised by The Berne Declaration, Health Action International, Medico International, Medicus Mundi International, People’s Health Movement, Safe Observer International, the South Centre, Third World Health Aid, Third World Network, and Wemos.
David Legge, from the People's Health Movement started the event by highlighting the concern that the impacts of trade and investment agreements are missing from the agenda of the WHA and noted that the public event was a contribution towards filling this gap. Introducing the panel discussion at the public event, he said that the discussion was based on and built on parts of the analysis and arguments in the GHW4.

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