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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Delaying Aging

Six New Groups of Molecules Could Be Key to Delaying Aging

Summary: Researchers claim six previously identified plant extracts could help to delay aging.
Source: Concordia University.
Montreal researchers clear a major hurdle in the fight for longevity.
Hearing loss, brittle bones, sagging skin, a deteriorating mind: these are just some of the issues associated with growing old. For millennia, humans have fought the process of aging using everything from fountains of youth to pricey face creams, all to no avail. But a group of Montreal-based researchers is coming ever closer to achieving healthy longevity — armed with the power of science.
Image shows a willow bark tree.
Salix alba, more commonly known as white willow bark, is the most potent aging-delaying pharmacological intervention yet described. image is adapted from the Concordia press release.

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