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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Radio Waves source

Science & Astronomy 
Monster Burst of Radio Waves Arose in Tiny Galaxy
Surprise! Monster Burst of Radio Waves Arose in Tiny Galaxy
This artist's impression shows multiple radio telescopes being used to observe the fast radio burst known as FRB 121102, including telescopes within the European VLBI Network (EVN).
Credit: Copyright Danielle Futselaar (

Astronomers Pinpointed the Location of Multiple Weird Radio Bursts Beyond Our Galaxy

Fast radio bursts, powerful pulses of radio energy of unknown cosmic origin, are a source of endless fascination to astronomers and alien conspiracy theory fodder to everybody else. But while most FRBs discovered to date are one-off events—a single chirp in the interstellar void, if you will—these phenomena got more interesting last year when astronomers discovered the very first FRB signal that repeats. Now, they’ve pinpointed its location.

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