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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Exosomes : Alzheimer

New Mechanism by Which Alzheimer’s Spreads Through the Brain

by Neuroscience News
According to researchers, exosomes can transport toxic aggregates of amyloid beta to new neurons in the brain.
The waste-management system of the cell appears to play an important role in the spread of Alzheimer’s disease in the brain. A new study has focused on small membrane-covered droplets known as “exosomes”. It was long believed that the main task of exosomes was to help the cell to get rid of waste products. In simple terms, they were thought of as the cell’s rubbish bags. However, our understanding of exosomes has increased, and we now know that cells throughout the body use exosomes to transmit information. It’s now known that the exosomes can contain both proteins and genetic material, which other cells can absorb.

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