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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Human Evolution

Recomendado pelo AMICOR Moacyr Saffer 

Will technology affect our evolution? © Donald Iain Smith/Getty
To understand our future evolution we need to
look to our past
Will our descendants be cyborgs with hi-tech machine implants, regrowable
limbs and cameras for eyes like something out of a science fiction novel?
Might humans morph into a hybrid species of biological and artificial beings?
Or could we become smaller or taller, thinner or fatter, or even with different
facial features and skin colour?
Of course, we don’t know, but to consider the question, let’s scoot back a
million years to see what humans looked like then. For a start, Homo sapiens
didn’t exist. A million years ago, there were probably a few different species
of humans around, including Homo heidelbergensis, which shared similarities with
both Homo erectus and modern humans, but more primitive anatomy than the
later Neanderthal./.../

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