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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

AD and Down S. and Diabetes

Genes Linking Alzheimer’s to Down Syndrome Discovered

by Neuroscience News
Researchers report extra copies of genes on chromosome 21 increase Alzheimer's like pathology and cognitive impairment in mouse models of Down syndrome. The findings provide insight into early onset Alzheimer's in those with Down syndrome.
Scientists are a step closer to understanding which genes are responsible for early onset Alzheimer’s disease in people with Down syndrome, thanks to a new study led by researchers at the Francis Crick Institute and UCL along with an international group of collaborators.
The findings could pave the way for future medicines to prevent the disease in these individuals, and provide insights into the mechanisms that cause dementia in the general population.
Around 1 in 800 people are born with Down syndrome, which arises in people carrying an extra copy of chromosome 21. By the time they reach their 60s, around two thirds of those with Down syndrome will have early onset Alzheimer’s./.../

Insights Into Amyloids Associated with Alzheimer’s and Type 2 Diabetes

by Neuroscience News
A new study sheds light on the stabilizing forces of amyloid fibrils associated with Alzheimer's, type 2 diabetes and other neurodegenerative disorders.
Structures of amyloid fibrils used in the study colored in rainbows to show directionality of amino acids. (a) and (b) microtubule-associated protein tau associated with Alzheimer’s disease (c) amyloid β-peptide associated with Alzheimer’s disease (d) and (e) islet amyloid polypeptide (IAPP) associated with Alzheimer’s disease and type 2 diabetes. image is credited to Justin Lemkul.

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