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Monday, June 25, 2018

Monash University

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New Scientist
Monash University
Every now and then New Scientist helps a carefully selected commercial partner speak to our audience. Their support helps us produce the high quality journalism we bring you every week. We hope you find today's message relevant and useful.
A Different Lens - A Monash documentary series
Go beyond the headlines with A Different Lens
How do the brightest minds tackle the toughest challenges of our times? And how do different disciplines approach these complex problems?
A Different Lens is a mini documentary series that brings you thought provoking commentary and informed opinion from leading Monash University academics and researchers.

Get an in-depth perspective on the issues shaping your world. Episodes include The Rise of Artificial IntelligenceThe Ethics of NeuroscienceModern SlaveryThe Science of AddictionThe Future of TerrorismHow we Defeat the Superbugs, and more.
Brain scan
Watch the latest episode, The Science of Addiction, to get an insight into how the tobacco, gambling and fast food giants are exploiting addicts, and how cutting-edge research is fighting back.

Understand tomorrow, impact today. Watch A Different Lens now.
Watch Now
A Different Lens - A Monash documentary series
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