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Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Electronic Medicine Fights Disease

Stimulation of the nervous system could replace drugs for inflammatory and autoimmune conditions

Bryan Christie

In Brief

  • Exposure to heat, pressure, light or chemicals sets in motion a process to ensure that bodily organs do not overreact to these stresses.
  • Nerve signals that link the brain and the rest of the body inhibit the making of immune molecules that cause inflammation.
  • Electrical stimulation of neural pathways with an implanted medical device may assist the body in suppressing inflammation.
  • Bioelectronic medicine is the name of the new discipline that uses electrical stimulation to treat inflammation and other disorders.

More In This Article

I am a brain surgeon who is fascinated by inflammation. Along with my laboratory colleagues, I examine molecules that cause inflammation so that we can discover methods for alleviating the pain, swelling and tissue damage that is a consequence of many diseases.

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