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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


How to Protect Yourself From Listeria

Amid an outbreak of food contamination, here's how to keep yourself safe
Outbreaks of listeria, a bacteria that grows well in cooler temperatures, have caused a frozen-food company to recall close to 360 frozen-food products sold under 42 different brand names — and that’s just the latest recall of popular foods people keep in the fridge. Brands of sunflower seeds, salad dressings and trail mix are also recalled due to a separate listeria contamination. The bacteria was also behind the 2015 Blue Bell outbreak, which required the company to shut down production and recall all of its ice cream.
But there are ways to keep yourself protected from listeria, even beyondmaking sure you are not eating recalled food./.../
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Os principais sintomas são semelhantes à gripe, além de febre e diarréia. Mas ela ainda pode causar septicemia, meningite, encefalite e infecções cervicais e intra-uterinas em mulheres grávidas, levando ao aborto espontâneo. Calcula-se que de 5% a 10% da população seja portadora de Listeria monocytogenes.

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