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Sunday, December 18, 2016

2793 - AMICOR 19

Bernard Lown

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*Professor Bernard Lown* Em 2017 AMICOR esteremos completando 20 anos em 17 de maio e estou recolhendo subsidios de memória para comemorar. Certamente minha amizade com Professor Bernard Lown - Prêmio Nobel da Paz de 1985 - deve ser um dos componentes. Conheci-o durante o Congresso da SBC que se realizou aqui em Porto Alegre na Sogipa, casualmente consta que ele teria recebido por telefone a notícia do Prêmio Nobel, enquanto aqui esteve. Na ocasião somente assisti a sua conferência. Em 1997 logo após o Seminário Nacional de dez dias em Gramado que coordenei juntamente com Professor B... mais »

Automation + AI: middle class jobs

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Stephen Hawking: Automation and AI is going to decimate middle class jobs - Rob Price - - Dec. 2, 2016, 5:49 AM - 143,036 [image: stephen hawking scientist science physics]British scientist Prof. Stephen Hawking gives his 'The Origin of the Universe' lecture to a packed hall December 14, 2006 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Hawking suffers from ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrigs disease), which has rendered him quadriplegic, and is able to speak only via a computerized voice synthesizer which is operated by batting his eyelids. Davi... mais »

Brain’s Aging Connections

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Mapping the Brain’s Aging Connections NEUROSCIENCE NEWSDECEMBER 17, 2016 *Summary: Researchers report the brain connections that are key to cognition and complex thinking skills are most effected as we age.* *Source: University of Edinburgh.* *[image: Image shows brain scans.]* This image shows how ageing affects the health of most white matter pathways with age, but some more strongly than others. NeuroscienceNews image is adapted from the University of Edinburgh press release. *Impact of ageing on brain connections mapped in major scan study.* *Original Research: Full open access resea... mais »

Reverting Aging

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Aging Is Reversible—at Least in Human Cells and Live MiceChanges to gene activity that occur with age can be turned back, a new study shows By Karen Weintraub on December 15, 2016 *Credit: Tim Flach Getty Images*New research suggests it is possible to slow or even reverse aging, at least in mice, by undoing changes in gene activity—the same kinds of changes that are caused by decades of life in humans.By tweaking genes that turn adult cells back into embryoniclike ones, researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies reversed the aging of mouse and human cells in vitro... mais »

HoloLens MD

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[image: placeholder] HoloLens, MD: Why this medical school will teach doctors anatomy with Microsoft's augmented reality, not cadavers One US university is planning on teaching the next generation of medics with the next generation of virtual reality technology. READ FULL STORY

Brain nutrition

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Nova escala de 'comida para o cérebro' destaca os melhores nutrientes para depressão Pauline Anderson *ATUALIZADO ** 27 DE maio de 2016* // ATLANTA ― Cientistas desenvolveram uma nova escala baseada em evidências que pontua alimentos de origem animal e vegetal que melhoram os sintomas depressivos. A pesquisa sobre os beneficios dessa escala e de alimentos que ajudam a nutrir o cérebro foi apresentada no Encontro Anual de 2016 da American Psychiatric Association (APA) em uma sessão lotada. Existem evidências crescentes do papel crucial da dieta na saúde do cérebro, particularmente em á... mais »

Under-5 mortality in 2000–15

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[image: Large image of Figure 1.] *Global, regional, and national causes of under-5 mortality in 2000–15*: an updated systematic analysis with implications for the Sustainable Development Goals Open Access

From The Lancet

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2017: The unifying power of health The Lancet Published: 17 December 2016 For many readers of *The Lancet*, 2016 will be viewed as a dark year. As highlighted elsewhere in this issue (p 2971), ongoing civil conflict has led to record numbers of displaced people (around 65 million, just under 1% of the world's population). The aftershocks of democratic political revolutions on both sides of the Atlantic still resonate, with no clear path ahead and few grounds for optimism. Yet, by contrast, 2016 has also seen some striking successes in health: polio eradication has come tantalisingly ... mais »

Childhood heart disease

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The invisible child: childhood heart disease in global health Bistra Zheleva[image: email]Press enter key to Email the author , J Brian Atwood Published: 15 December 2016 Congenital heart disease is the most common of all birth defects, occurring in about nine per 1000 livebirths globally.1 The cause of most cases of congenital heart disease is unknown and the rate of disease is fairly stable across countries and populations, making the burden heaviest on low-income countries with high fertility rates. Although overall child mortality has decreased by half globally, death and disabili... mais »

Dr Halfdan T. Mahler (21 April 1923 – 14 December 2016)

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[image: Resultado de imagem para Dr Halfdan T. Mahler] *Seu mandato como Diretor Geral da OMS coincidiu com meu relacionamento mais próximo com PAHO/WHO* Dr Halfdan T. Mahler, WHO’s third Director-General, dies at 93 WHO statement 15 December 2016 WHO is saddened by the death of Dr Halfdan T. Mahler on 14 December 2016. Dr Mahler served as Director-General of WHO from 1973-1988. As WHO's third Director-General, Dr Mahler will be remembered as a champion for primary care. He played a key leadership role shaping the 1978 Alma Ata Declaration that defined the *Health for All by the Year ... mais »

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What health problems cause the most disability? Communicable, maternal, neonatal, and nutritional diseases Non-communicable diseases Injuries 2005 ranking2015 ranking% change 2005-2015Low back & neck pain11Low back & neck pain11.8%Depressive disorders22Depressive disorders-0.8%Sense organ diseases33Sense organ diseases18.6%Anxiety disorders44Anxiety disorders10.4%Skin diseases55Skin diseases-2.7%Iron-deficiency anemia66Migraine3.5%Migraine77Iron-deficiency anemia-9.0%Asthma88Diabetes27.4%Other musculoskeletal99Other musculoskeletal17.4%Diabetes1010Asthma-12.4% Leading causes of YLDs i... mais »

Urban Health 2017, September

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[image: 14th International Conference on Urban Health] [image: September 26-29, 2017 | Coimbra, Portugal] [image:]

Sociedade Brasileira de Cardiologia/universidade

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 3 dias *Universidade Corporativa SBC* está oferecendo *gratuitamente* a atividade *"Brasil Prevent - o estado da arte em prevenção"* apresentada no último *Congresso B. Cardiologia*. Assista de onde estiver: em seu *computador*, *tablet ou smartphone. * *Coordenadores (Chairpersons):* Marcus Vinícius Bolívar Malachias Brasil Raul Dias dos Santos Filho Brasil *Palestrantes* *Aterosclerose* Palestrante (Speaker): Peter Libby - E.U.A Debatedor (Debater): Protásio Lemos da Luz - Brasil Debatedo... mais »


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Nutrition Linked to Intelligence and Brain Health in Older People NEUROSCIENCE NEWSDECEMBER 13, 2016 *[image: Image shows broccoli.]Summary: A new study links the consumption of lutein, a pigment found in leafy greens, to crystallized intelligence in older adults.* *Source: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.* *A study of older adults links consumption of a pigment found in leafy greens to the preservation of “crystallized intelligence,” the ability to use the skills and knowledge one has acquired over a lifetime.* The study is reported in the journal *Frontiers in Aging Neurosc... mais »

Kahneman and Tversky's Prospect Theory

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*SAN JOSŠ STATE UNIVERSITYECONOMICS DEPARTMENTThayer Watkins* *Kahneman and Tversky's Prospect Theory**Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky called their studies of how people manage risk and uncertainty Prospect Theory for no other reason than that it is a catchy, attention-getting name. This is much like Richard Bellman calling his algorithm of multistage decision-making Dynamic Programming because programming was a hot topic at the time he was choosing a label. Kahneman and Tversky's theory, developed over a thirty year period, is however highly important in economics and especially... mais »


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Arogya World is a global non-profit working to prevent chronic diseases through education and lifestyle change. Our mission is reflected in our name: "Arogya" in Sanskrit means to live a life without disease. [image: Arogya World banner] *December 2016* Making great strides to improve the health of 1 million by 2020 *The Arogya World Team--Geeta Bharadwaj, Nandini Ganesh, Nalini Saligram and Usha Chander--helped us get to the milestone of 79 Healthy Workplaces, spanning 2 million employees, in 2016. (Photo courtesy Ilene Klein)* 2016 has been a wonderful year for Arogya W... mais »

30 Books

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30 Books You Need to Read to Earn 'Well-Read' Status With this list, you'll feel like you can dominate the Trivial Pursuit literature section. By Quora CREDIT: Getty Images *What books should one read to feel well-read? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights.* Answer by Cristina Hartmann, writer who abandoned a career in law, on Quora: For anyone who wants to attain the vaunted title of "being well-read," it's more about breadth than depth. (As for *feeling* well-read, read the posts... mais »

echo chambers

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New post on *Mind Hacks* echo chambers: old psych, new techby tomstafford If you were surprised by the result of the Brexit vote in the UK or by the Trump victory in the US, you might live in an echo chamber – a self-reinforcing world of people who share the same opinions as you. Echo chambers are a problem, and not just because it means some people make incorrect predictions about political events. They threaten our democratic conversation, splitting up the common ground of assumption and fact that is needed for diverse people to talk to each other. Echo chambers aren’t just a prod... mais »

The Best Children’s Books of 2016

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* You can see all sixteen books here. From Brain Pickings* The Best Children’s Books of 2016 In his meditation on the three ways of writing for children and the key to authenticity in all writing, C.S. Lewis admonished against treating children, in literature or life, as “a strange species whose habits you have ‘made up’ like an anthropologist or a commercial traveller.” A generation earlier, J.R.R. Tolkien expressed the same sentiment in his timeless insistence on why there is no such thing as writing “for children.” And a generation later, Maurice Sendak, perhaps the most beloved cr... mais »

myalgic encephalomyeletis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

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[image: e. coli] Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Indicator Found In Gut Bacteria Denise Rosenfeld June 28, 2016 Chronic fatigue syndrome has baffled physicians since it was first reported in the 19th century under the name neurasthenia. It is condition where normal exertion leads to debilitating fatigue that isn’t alleviated by rest. There are no known triggers, and diagnosis requires lengthy tests administered by an expert. This lack of information has even led some people to suggest the disease may be psychosomatic./.../

Inactivity costs

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Physical Inactivity Costing The World $67.5 Billion A Year [image: physical inactivity] D.C. Demetre July 29, 2016Individuals’ physical inactivity costs $67.5 billion per year globally, a study by researchers at the University of Sydney has found. In what is the first study to quantify the …

Chocolate and Diabetes

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[image: chocolate]Regular Chocolate Consumption Reduces Diabetes Risk Denise Rosenfeld December 7, 2016 People that eat chocolate at least once a week have a lower incidence of diabetes and are at lower risk for a diagnosis of diabetes four to five years later, new research from the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study confirms. The study also suggests that the relation between the frequency of chocolate consumption may be due to an active choice on the part of diabetics. For example, diabetics may choose to reduce their frequency of chocolate consumption in an effort to reduce sweets... mais »

Hipertensão Arterial

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*Entrevist dada para o Jornal Diabetes, Saúde & Cia na virada do século*

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