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Monday, December 19, 2016

“type 2 innate lymphocytes,” ILC2s

Missing Link Between Gut and Brain Discovered With Big Implications for Disease

by Neuroscience News
Researchers have identified immune cells in the membranes around the brain that could be a 'missing link' in the gut-brain axis. The immune cells also appear to have a positive impact on recovery following spinal cord injury.
Image shows immune cells.“These cells are potentially the mediator between the gut and the brain. They are the main responder to microbiota changes in the gut. They may go from the gut to the brain, or they may just produce something that will impact those cells. But you see them in the gut and now you see them also in the brain,” Kipnis said. “We know the brain responds to things happening in the gut. Is it logical that these will be the cells that connect the two? Potentially. We don’t know that, but it very well could be.”
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