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Friday, January 23, 2015

blood stem cells taking root

Live zebrafish imaging captures how blood stem cells take root in the body

January 19, 2015
This image captures a blood stem cell (green) as it is “cuddled,” en route to taking root in a zebrafish (credit: Boston Children’s Hospital)
A see-through zebrafish and enhanced imaging provide the first direct glimpse of how blood stem cells take root in the body to generate blood.
Reporting in the journal Cell, researchers in Boston Children’s Hospital’s Stem Cell Research Program describe a surprisingly dynamic system that offers several clues for improving bone marrow transplants in patients with cancer, severe immune deficiencies, and blood disorders, and for helping those transplants “take.”
The steps are detailed in an animation (video below) narrated by senior investigator Leonard Zon, MD, director of the Stem Cell Research Program. The Cell version offers a more technical explanation/.../

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