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Saturday, January 24, 2015

unlikelihood of being

The incredible unlikelihood of being

July 24, 2014
(credit: iStock)
Hello Ray,
The universe existed several billion years before humans were conscious, and will exist several billion years after we are conscious.
So, it is statistically improbable for the chronological timeline of the universe to be located at this precise moment, when we are conscious, that is, an 80 year lifespan within some 30 billion years.
Are you aware of any theories, besides survivorship bias from statistics, that could address this question?
Why humans happened to be alive during precise moments in the development timeline of the universe?
The universe developed before our birth, and will continue on.
To clarify, by improbable I mean extremely low probability. Empirical probability would say, “I’m alive, therefore the universe coincidentally exists at the moment during which I’m alive. And that is all there is to it.”
However, this coincidence seems so unlikely, in terms of probability, that it makes me to wonder if there are other theories you know of to explain this coincidence, whether from philosophy or physics.

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