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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Aging Brain Care

HABC Monitor

Improving screening, diagnosis and management

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Improving dementia care requires three key building blocks often lacking in clinical practice.
These are:
  • a standardized, reliable means of screening (finding patients with a high probability of having dementia);
  • diagnosis (confirming the presence of dementia in these patients; and
  • management (monitoring the response to dementia-specific pharmacological and non-pharmacological management plans).
The HABC Monitor is a tool designed to meet all three needs. It has been informed by the medical literature and previous clinical experience and tested and refined by an interdisciplinary team of dementia-care professionals.
Results from the HABC Monitor help clinicians determine the nature and severity of the patient’s cognitive, functional, and behavioral and psychological problems, as well as the level of caregiver stress.

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