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Sunday, January 03, 2016

2740 - AMICOR 18 - Primeiro alerta de 2016


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Dear "New" Newsmax Reader: Mark Twain famously said there are "lies, damned lies and statistics!" When you watch the major media today, do you really think you are getting the real truth? Recently, the respected Pew Research Center reported that "negative opinions about the performance of news organizations now equal or surpass all-time highs on nine of 12 core measures the Center has been tracking since 1985." Astounding, isn't it? And the same Pew study found that 77 percent of Americans believe media reports "tend to favor one side." Since the founding of Newsmax Media in 1998, our ... mais »

speeding up?

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Feeling like things are speeding up? Happy Perihelion Day! So what are your predictions for 2016? January 2, 2016 (credit: NASA) That may be because they are: Earth is rushing along right now at about 30 kilometers per second (almost 19 miles per second) — moving about a kilometer per second faster than when Earth will be farthest from the Sun on July 4, notes Bruce McClure of *EarthSky Tonight*.*/.../

Human Evolution

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The 6 epochs of evolutionby Ray Kurzweil There is also a tremendous moral imperative. We still have not millions but billions of people who are suffering from disease and poverty, and we have the opportunity to overcome those problems through these technological advances. You can’t tell the millions of people who are suffering from cancer that we’re really on the verge of great breakthroughs that will save millions of lives from cancer, but we’re cancelling all that because the terrorists might use that same knowledge to create a bioengineered pathogen. This is a true and valid concer... mais »

consciousness and abstract thought

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How brain architecture relates to consciousness and abstract thought Could lead to better ways to identify and treat brain diseases and to new deep-learning AI systems December 29, 2015 [image: Generated by human-blind automated procedures, this diagram depicts an oversimplified graphical model of the information representation flow from sensory inputs (bottom) to abstract representations (top) in human cortex. Bottom layer of the pyramid included a sample representative description of the 20th percentile of behavioral elements closest to sensory inputs, the next layer up includes a s... mais »

AI tools

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Practical artificial intelligence tools you can use todayDecember 30, 2015 [image: (credit: KurzweilAI)] *By Bob GourleyCourtesy of*** Practical artificial intelligence has made its way out of the labs and into our daily lives. And judging from the pace of activity in the startup community and the major IT powerhouses, it will only grow in its ability to help us all get things done. Most AI solutions today are fielded by the big players in IT. For example, … read more

Independence of the Mind

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Declaration of the Independence of the Mind: An Extraordinary 1919 Manifesto Signed by Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, Jane Addams, and Other Luminaries“We commit ourselves never to serve anything but the free Truth that has no frontiers and no limits and is without prejudice against races or castes.”BY MARIA POPOVA Decades before Martin Luther King, Jr. made his timeless case for the ancient Greek notion of *agape* as a centerpiece of nonviolence, another luminous mind and soaring spirit challenged humanity to pause amid one of the most violent periods in history and consider an ... mais »


Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 7 horas
Stanford researcher scans his own brain for a year and a half — the most studied in the world December 16, 2015 [image: fMRI scan] Psychologist experiments on himself, documenting his neural, metabolic, and genetic changes over 18 months You’ve probably seen the “connectome” map of the major networks between different functional areas of the human brain. Cool graphic. But this is just an average. It raises a lot of questions: How does this map relate to your brain? Do these connections persist over a period of months or more? Or do they vary with … more… Importance of physical activ... mais »

AD inflammation

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 19 horas
Validation of Clinicoradiological Criteria for the Diagnosis of Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy–Related Inflammation Eitan Auriel, MD, MSc1,2; Andreas Charidimou, MD, PhD1; M. Edip Gurol, MD, MSc1; Jun Ni, MD1; Ellis S. Van Etten, MD1; Sergi Martinez-Ramirez, MD1; Gregoire Boulouis, MD1; Fabrizio Piazza, PhD2,3; Jacopo C. DiFrancesco, MD, PhD2,3; Matthew P. Frosch, MD, PhD4; Octάvio M. Pontes-Neto, MD, PhD1; Ashkan Shoamanesh, MD1,5; Yael Reijmer, PhD1; Anastasia Vashkevich, BA1; Alison M. Ayres, BA1; Kristin M. Schwab, BA1; Anand Viswanathan, MD, PhD1; Steven M. Greenberg, MD, PhD1,2 [... mais »

Aging Physicians

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 19 horas
The Graying of US PhysiciansImplications for Quality and the Future Supply of PhysiciansFREE ONLINE FIRST Joel M. Kupfer, MD1 [+] Author Affiliations *JAMA*. Published online December 28, 2015. doi:10.1001/jama.2015.18248 Text Size: A A A Article References When should a physician retire? This question is being asked more frequently as the number of physicians in the United States older than 60 years continues to increase. In 2012, it was estimated that 26% or nearly 241 000 of all actively licensed physicians in the United States were older than 60 years.1 Patient safety advocates, co...mais »


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*THE EDGE QUESTION 2016* ------------------------------ *"I am both thrilled and frightened." * —John C. Mather, Nobel Laureate, Physics "Dahlia_2016" by Katinka Matson | Click to Expand | *Scientific topics receiving prominent play in newspapers and magazines over the past several years include molecular biology, artificial intelligence, artificial life, chaos theory, massive parallelism, neural nets, the inflationary universe, fractals, complex adaptive systems, superstrings, biodiversity, nanotechnology, the human genome, expert systems, punctuated equilibriu... mais »

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