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Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Could guilt-free sugary treats become a reality? Enzyme that 'stops sugar being stored as fat' is identified by scientists

  • G3PP enzyme can 'zap' excess sugar in body, preventing it turning to fat 
  • Stops the body's cells being poisoned by chemicals produced when they are overloaded with sugar, University of Montreal scientists said
  • Could pave the way for obesity treatment and those to help diabetics 
It may seem out of reach, beyond your wildest dreams.
But, guilt-free sugary treats may, one day, be a reality, say scientists.
They have discovered an enzyme that can 'zap' excess sugar from the body, preventing it from being stored as fat.
The 'detox' enzyme also stops the body's cells being poisoned by chemicals produced when the body's cells are overloaded with sugar. 
Research by scientists at the University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre shows the hormone G3PP could offer hope for a treatment for obesity.
And they said diabetics who are unable to remove sugar from their bodies, may also benefit.
Scientists at the University of Montreal found an enzyme, known as G3PP, can protect the body from the toxic effects of having excess sugar in its cells
When there is too much sugar in the body – cells form a chemical called glycerol-3-phosphate, which can damage bodily organs. /.../

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