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Sunday, January 03, 2016


Dear "New" Newsmax Reader:
Mark Twain famously said there are "lies, damned lies and statistics!"
When you watch the major media today, do you really think you are getting the real truth?
Recently, the respected Pew Research Center reported that "negative opinions about the performance of news organizations now equal or surpass all-time highs on nine of 12 core measures the Center has been tracking since 1985."
Astounding, isn't it?
And the same Pew study found that 77 percent of Americans believe media reports "tend to favor one side."
Since the founding of Newsmax Media in 1998, our motto has been simple: "Independent. American."
We pride ourselves on the fact that our flagship website,, is one of the top-ranked news sites in the nation, yet we are not owned by any major media company.
Nor are we affiliated with any other organization or political party. We are free to tell you the truth and not worry about the consequences. We are committed to telling you both sides.
When you turn to, or our health site, Newsmax Health, or our site for investors, Newsmax Finance, you will always get fresh and informative stories you don't read anywhere else.
We are also unabashedly American. We don't see ourselves as "citizens of the world."
We believe America is an exceptional place, as Lincoln called it: "The last great hope of mankind."
We celebrate American values: From our diversity we find unity; from our vibrant free enterprise system comes our powerful economy; from our sense of fair play comes the rule of law; and from our commitment to a strong national defense, comes our freedoms.
So, as a new Newsmax email alert subscriber, you will get daily news updates from our websites, including, Newsmax Finance and Newsmax Health.
Each and every day our team of seasoned journalists publish some of the best reporting on the web.
Our mission is not to tell you everything you heard on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC or a multitude of other sources.
Instead, we will give you news, information and insights you don't get anywhere else. To steal a phrase from the late Paul Harvey, Newsmax is here to tell you the "rest of the story."
We cover not only breaking news and politics, but also culture, the media, Hollywood, and practical information in the areas of health and finance.
Two other important notes.
First, our online news outlets are free. We depend on advertisements to publish, and we include advertisements in our emails.
If you don't like them, fine, you can request to be on our "ad free" emails. 
Second, all of our stories have a comment section, so feel free to join our conversation. Newsmax believes you are an important part of the news story too.
Thank you for joining with us.
Christopher Ruddy
Newsmax Media, Inc.

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