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Sunday, March 19, 2017

100 Filling Foods

Mar 17, 2017
TIME Health
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You know the basics of a healthy diet: lots of fruit and vegetables, some nuts and seeds, full-fat dairy, and a few servings of fish and lean meat. Of course, most of us don't always abide by those rules, our food choices guided by cravings or hunger instead of proper planning./.../
That's why we compiled a list of 100 of the most satisfying, hunger-quelling foods that are also easy to find at a grocery store (and taste great, of course). We’ve also provided our favorite ways to eat them, and recipes from our friends at Cooking Light and Food & Wine. Most importantly, we got rid of some of the guesswork behind determining if a food is filling and healthy, and provided tips for how to identify these foods on your own (hint, look for fiber, not just protein).

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