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Monday, March 20, 2017

Dementia Care: Flowers

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  Dementia Care: Flowers that Can Sicken  
  Many common plants pose poisoning risks to people with dementia if they are eaten, so great care should be taken in displaying flowers and plants in the home. Flowering plants can lure people with dementia to them as easily as a honeybee.  

  Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for cognitively impaired people to rip off a leaf or bloom and eat it—and the consequences can be lethal. If you have doubts about what plants are possibly poisonous, contact a local nursery or your state agriculture department. Here is a list of some common plants that should not be in the home of a loved one with dementia.

• Amaryllis, • Anemone • Calla lily • Christmas holly • Daffodil • Delphinium • Foxglove
• Holly berries • Hyacinth • Hydrangea • Iris • Ivy • Laurel • Lily-of-the-valley • Mistletoe
• Morning glory • Primrose • Rhododendron • Tulip • Wisteria 

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