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Friday, March 03, 2017


Quando a AMICOR Maria Inês Reinert Azambuja me enviou esta referência eu lhe respondi agradecendo com o seguinte comentário: Estão progredindo: primeiro o foco estava no astral, depois na doença, depois na saúde, mais adiante no paciente, agora conseguiram entender que nada existe sem contexto histórico, social e ecológico...


Executive Summary

A syndemics framework examines the health consequences of identifiable disease interactions and the social, environmental, or economic factors that promote such interaction and worsen disease. This Series introduces the syndemics approach, explains important contrasts with conventional approaches to public health and health-care delivery based on the concept of multimorbidity, and explores how syndemics can be used to tackle health inequities in a comprehensive manner.


  • Syndemics: health in context

    The Lancet
    The LancetVol. 389No. 10072


  • Syndemics: committing to a healthier future

    Laura Hart, Richard Horton
    The LancetVol. 389No. 10072
  • Syndemics: a new path for global health research

    Emily Mendenhall
    The LancetVol. 389No. 10072


  • Syndemics and the biosocial conception of health

    Merrill Singer, Nicola Bulled, Bayla Ostrach, Emily Mendenhall
    The LancetVol. 389No. 10072
  • Non-communicable disease syndemics: poverty, depression, and diabetes among low-income populations

    Emily Mendenhall, Brandon A Kohrt, Shane A Norris, David Ndetei, Dorairaj Prabhakaran
    The LancetVol. 389No. 10072
  • Syndemic vulnerability and the right to health

    Sarah S Willen, Michael Knipper, César E Abadía-Barrero, Nadav Davidovitch
    The LancetVol. 389No. 10072


  • Co-occurring epidemics, syndemics, and population health

    Alexander C Tsai, Emily Mendenhall, James A Trostle, Ichiro Kawachi
    The LancetVol. 389No. 10072

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