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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Global Footprint Network

Earlier this month, Global Footprint Network released the 2015 Edition of the National Footprint Accounts with several methodological improvements; a new, more open licensing structure; and country risk data for the finance community.
Global Footprint is excited to offer the 2015 National Footprint Accounts for non-commercial use through a free, easily downloadable "Public Data Package," which features the latest (2011) Footprint and biocapacity results per capita by land type for 182 countries in a highly sortable spreadsheet.
Based on calculations from the 2015 National Footprint Accounts, approximately 71 percent of the world’s population lives in nations with a double challenge: They earn below world-average income (based on Gross National Income) and are running a biocapacity deficit. This means that by 2011, they were using more resources and services from nature than the ecosystems within their respective borders regenerated.

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