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Sunday, October 11, 2015

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Hospital Moinhos de Vento

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No próximo dia 16 de outubro em comemoração do Dia do Médico o HMV irá inaugurar uma nova Galeria de Excelência Médica no saguão do oitavo andar. Foto de reunião recente com a Direção na qual o evento foi anunciado.


Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 32 segundos
How to grow old brain cells for studying age-related diseases October 9, 2015 [image: Salk scientists developed a new technique to grow aged brain cells from patients’ skin. Fibroblasts (cells in connective tissue) from elderly human donors are directly converted into induced neurons, shown. (credit: Salk Institute)]Scientists have developed a first-ever technique for using skin samples from older patients to create brain cells — without first rolling back the youthfulness clock in the cells. The new technique, which yields cells resembling those found in older people’s brains, will b... mais »

Tobacco with John Oliver

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*Sugestão da AMICOR Maria Inês Reinert Azambuja* Assista a "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tobacco (HBO)" no YouTube Área de anexos Visualizar o vídeo Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tobacco (HBO) do YouTube Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Tobacco (HBO)

Scientific foolish

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How scientists fool themselves – and how they can stop Humans are remarkably good at self-deception. But growing concern about reproducibility is driving many researchers to seek ways to fight their own worst instincts. - Regina Nuzzo 07 October 2015 Article tools - PDF - Rights & Permissions Illustration by Dale Edwin Murray In 2013, five years after he co-authored a paper showing that Democratic candidates in the United States could get more votes by moving slightly to the right on economic policy1, Andrew Gelman, a statistician at Columbia University in New York City... mais »

Reimagining the Brain

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The Brain Reimagined in Mind-Illuminating Portraits Bahar Gholipour In the last years of the 19th century, Santiago Ramón y Cajal looked down into his microscope and was amazed; for the first time ever, he saw the clear shape of neurons, sharply standing out from their fuzzy surrounding. The beautiful, mysterious landscape before his eyes would mark the beginning of modern neuroscience and become an endless source of fascination for scientists and artists alike. "What an unexpected spectacle!" Cajal wrote of his observations. "On the perfectly translucent yellow background, sparse bla... mais »

Interacting with People with dementia

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Shutterstock Health 09 October How to Interact with People with Alzheimer's and Other Forms of Dementia Margo Pierce You're sitting outside a café with a friend enjoying a great cup of coffee on a beautiful day. When you glance up the sidewalk, you see an elderly man with a disheveled appearance heading your way. He's looking around, as though he's lost or confused. Your impulse is to help, but how? A colleague is recounting what happened at her last meeting, telling a particularly funny story as you approach he office door. But she suddenly stops, office key in hand, and stares at ... mais »

The Nature of Neural Reconstruction

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neuroecology[image: m-types] Behold, The Blue Brain POSTED ON OCTOBER 8, 2015 BY ADAM J CALHOUN (NEUROECOLOGY) 19 The Blue Brain project releases their first *major* paper today and boy, it’s a doozy. Including supplements, it’s over 100 pages long, including 40 figures and 6 tables. In order to properly understand everything in the paper, you have to go back and read a bunch of *other* papers they have released over their years that detail their methods. This is not a scientific paper: it’s a goddamn philosophical treatise on The Nature of Neural Reconstruction. The Blue Brain Pro... mais »

sleep and memory

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[image: Memory illustration.] *How much can you really learn while you're asleep? Interesting piece that looks at what the research genuinely tells us in The Guardian.*


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Stephen Hawking on AI October 9, 2015 [image: Stephen Hawking on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (credit: HBO)] Reddit published Stephen Hawking’s answers to questions in an “Ask me anything” (AMA) event on Thursday (Oct. 8). Most of the answers focused on his concerns about the future of AI and its role in our future. Here are some of the most interesting ones. The full list is in this Wired article. (The answers … more…


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Image is Everything: The Secrets of Body Language

Ancient migrations

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From a very old skeleton, new insights on ancient migrations *Discovery in Ethiopia yields first ancient human genome sequence from Africa* [image: Mota cave dig site]Researchers discovered a 4,500-year-old burial site under a rock cairn in Mota cave, Ethiopia. Credit and Larger Version *October 8, 2015* Three years ago, a group of researchers found a cave in Ethiopia with a secret: it held the 4,500-year-old remains of a man, with his head resting on a rock pillow, his hands folded under his face, and stone flake tools surrounding him. The team named the man "Bayira," which means "fi... mais »

The New York Times

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CreditGetting to the Scene, No Matter Where, to Get the Story Times correspondents have reported from more than 150 countries and territories this year. In an age of instant punditry, we believe that on-the-ground reporting makes our journalism distinctive. By JOSEPH KAHN and ALISON MITCHELL OCT. 6, 2015

Cell lineage tree.

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A tree of the human brain 1. Sten Linnarsson +Author Affiliations 1. Division of Molecular Neurobiology, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics, Karolinska Institutet, S-17177 Stockholm, Sweden. 1. E-mail: Every cell of your body was generated by cell division, forming a lineage tree that goes back to the fertilized egg. Mutations are introduced by errors in DNA replication at every cell division, as well as by mutational processes that operate continuously, such as exposure to ultraviolet light. As a consequence, every cell may ha... mais »

Coca-Cola and health research

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Coca-Cola's funding of health research and partnerships The Lancet Summary - Full Text - Tables and Figures In a bid to increase transparency, Coca-Cola has disclosed spending US$118·6 million in the past 5 years on scientific research and health and wellbeing partnerships. In a list of organisations funded by Coca-Cola, published on Sept 22, they reveal several influential medical organisations that have received funding, including the American Cancer Society, which received roughly $2 million, the American College of Cardiology, which received roughly $3·1 million, and the A... mais »


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THE BRAIN AND SUGAR -- 10/6/15 Today's selection -- from *The Organized Mind* by Daniel J. Levitin. The human brain consumes more energy than any other part of the body: "The entire brain weighs three pounds (1.4 kg) and so is only a small percentage of an adult's total body weight, typically 2%. But it consumes 20% of all the energy the body uses. Why? The perhaps oversimplified answer is that time is energy. "Neural communication is very rapid -- it has to be -- reaching speeds of over 300 miles per hour and with neurons communicating with one another hundreds of times per second.... mais »

Migrant Crisis

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*Europe’s Migrant Crisis By the Numbers* These four charts show the scale of the continent's humanitarian situation. - BY ELAINE - SEPTEMBER 3, 2015 [image: Europe’s Migrant Crisis By the Numbers] In April, a 66-foot boat carrying some 850 migrants across the Mediterranean Sea to Italy capsized, killing almost all those on board. The tragedy catapulted migration issues to the forefront of Brussels’s political agenda, as ministers grappled with how to deal with Europe’s influx of asylum-seekers and migrants without documentation. The crisis, of course, had been simmering long ... mais »

Negative Thinking

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What Negative Thinking Does to Your BrainPsychology 30K ViewsView Page

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