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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

James Lind Library

Indicado pela AMICOR Maria Inês Reinert Azambuja

Using the Library

This page tells you briefly what’s in the James Lind Library, how it’s organised and how to search it.
For more detailed information about how we built the Library, please see Building the Library.
If you prefer to be shown than told, watch the short videos.

Introduction to the James Lind Library

The Library contains material illustrating the development of fair tests of treatments throughout history.

How is the James Lind Library organised?

The material in the Library is organised under methodological Topics, each of which is explained, illustrated and discussed using three different types of document – EssaysRecords and Articles. You can access each type of document directly from the top navigation. You’ll also find that when you search or browse the Library, these three types of document are shown separately in different tabs.
Essays tell you why fair tests of treatments are important, explain the components of fair tests of treatment, and discuss ways in which patients and the public can benefit from better research for better health care.
Records are primary sources about important illustrative milestones in the development of fair tests of treatments. Records contain a bibliographic reference, the names of the people responsible, scans of key passages, other material, and links to relevant Articles.
Articles explain, illustrate and discuss the development of fair tests of treatments, and the people who have contributed to this history. Five types of Article are included: Brief Histories, Commentaries (including doctoral theses), Biographies, and Personal reflections.

How is the material categorised?

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