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Sunday, March 01, 2015

2695 - AMICOR 17

Urban Health

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 8 minutos
*Urban Health* *Encaminhado pela AMICOR Maria Inês Reinert Azambuja:* ** Urban health [image: A man digs in a smoky atmosphere]WHO/Anna Kari Urbanization is one of the leading global trends of the 21st century that has a significant impact on health. By 2050, over 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. The factors influencing urban health include urban governance; population characteristics; the natural and built environment; social and economic development; services and health emergency management; and fo...mais »

The Well of Being

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 27 minutos
The Well of Being: An Extraordinary Children’s Book for Grownups about the Art of Living with Openhearted Immediacy*by Maria Popova* *A lyrical invitation to awaken from the trance of the limiting stories we tell ourselves and just live.* *“This is the greatest damn thing about the universe,”* Henry Miller wrote in hismagnificent meditation on the meaning of existence, *“that we can know so much, recognize so much, dissect, do everything, and we can’t grasp it.”* Paradoxically enough, the fragment of the universe we seem least equipped to grasp is the truth of who we ourselves are. Wh... mais »

This Idea Must Die

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 42 minutos
This Idea Must Die: Some of the World’s Greatest Thinkers Each Select a Major Misconception Holding Us Back*by Maria Popova* *From the self to left brain vs. right brain to romantic love, a catalog of broken theories that hold us back from the conquest of Truth.* *“To kill an error is as good a service as, and sometimes even better than, the establishing of a new truth or fact,”* asserted Charles Darwin in one of the eleven rules for critical thinking known as Prospero’s Precepts. If science and human knowledge progress in leaps and bounds of ignorance, then the recognition of error a... mais »

Cancer genetics

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há um dia
Cancer risk linked to DNA ‘wormholes’February 25, 2015 Single-letter genetic variations within parts of the genome once dismissed as “junk DNA” can increase cancer risk through remote effects on far-off genes, new research by scientists at The Institute of Cancer Research, London shows. The researchers found that DNA sequences within “gene deserts” — so called because they are completely devoid of genes — can regulate gene activity elsewhere by forming DNA loops across relatively large distances. The study helps solve a mystery about how genetic variations in parts of the genome that ... mais »


Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há um dia
Hard Feelings: Science’s Struggle to Define Emotions While it's possible for researchers to study facial expressions, brain patterns, behavior, and more, each of these is only part of a more elusive whole. ------------------------------ Julie Beck FEBRUARY 24, 2015 - - - - - 93 Comments When Paul Ekman was a grad student in the 1950s, psychologists were mostly ignoring emotions. Most psychology research at the time was focused on behaviorism—classical conditioningand the like. Silvan Tomkins was the one other person Ekman knew of who was studying emotions, and he’d... mais »

Mosquitoes sexual traits

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 2 dias
EVOLUTION An unexpected cost of sex 1. Suzanne H. Alonzo +Author Affiliations 1. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Institute of Marine Sciences, University of California Santa Cruz, CA, USA. 1. E-mail: Related Resources In *Science* Magazine - REPORTEvolution of sexual traits influencing vectorial capacity in anopheline mosquitoes - Sara N. Mitchell *et al.* Science 27 February 2015: 985-988. [image: Figure] View larger version: - In this page - In a new window - Download PowerPoint Slide for Teaching... mais »


Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 2 dias
As new botulism threat implodes, more questions 1. Martin Enserink [image: Figure] View larger version: - In this page - In a new window - Download PowerPoint Slide for Teaching *Clostridium botulinum* produces the most lethal toxin in the world. PHOTO: EYE OF SCIENCE/SCIENCE SOURCE It appeared to be a serious new threat to biosecurity that justified an unusual level of scientific secrecy—until, suddenly, it wasn't. In 2013, Stephen Arnon of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) reported finding a novel type of botulinum toxin against which no existing ... mais »

Medicine's top opinions

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 3 dias
* From: KevinMD Today: Medicine's top opinions - Feb. 26, 2015* A guide to the Joint Commission’s communication goal: 4 tips. Poor communication among caregivers is a leading root cause of sentinel events in hospitals. This eye-opening guide has tips to improve how caregivers share information.Read the guide now. Are you ready for ePrescribing of controlled substances? Make sure your providers are prepared with this quick guide. Read it now. Secure texting plus a whole lot more with Spok Mobile. Learn more and download free app now.

more than thirteen thousand years ago

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 4 dias
from maize to corn -- 2/25/15 Today's selection -- from *The American Plate* by Libby H. O'Connell. Corn, an American dietary staple: "People started farming in the Americas more than thirteen thousand years ago. In Mexico, archaeologists have found evidence of the cultivation of maize -- what most Americans today call corn -- since 7000 BC when ancient people domesticated and hybridized a wild grass called teosinte, the genetic ancestor of this versatile grain. Dispersed by wind, rain, and farmers sharing seeds hand to hand, the maize seeds traveled in all directions./.../

Fit For Work

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 4 dias
[image: image]


Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 4 dias
[image: Microbes in the Gut Are Essential to Our Well-Being] Scientific American Magazine Microbes in the Gut Are Essential to Our Well-Being - Scientific American Magazine[image: Among Trillions of Microbes in the Gut, a Few Are Special]Among Trillions of Microbes in the Gut, a Few Are Special Amid the trillions of microbes that live in the intestines, scientists have found a few species that seem to play a key role in keeping us healthy - Scientific American Magazine[image: Mental Health May Depend on Creatures in the Gut]Mental Health May Depend on Creatures in... mais »

State of the Heart 2015

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 5 dias

História de AMOR de 5.800 anos...

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 5 dias
Embracing Stone Age Couple Found in Greek CaveRare double burials discovered at one of the largest Neolithic burial sites in Europe. [image: Picture of entombment of man and woman among findings of the excavation at Diros in Greece] A man appears to hold a woman in a double burial that took place about 5,800 years ago at Alepotrypa Cave, the site of ancient funerary rites. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY GREEK MINSTRY OF CULTURE, EDUCATION AND RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS Nick Romeo for National Geographic PUBLISHED FEBRUARY 20, 2015 Strange and surprising findings have been reported from ongoing excavations... mais »

Superfish & Lenovo

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 5 dias
U.S. urges removing Superfish program from Lenovo laptops BY JIM FINKLE BOSTON Fri Feb 20, 2015 6:07pm EST - - inShare86 - Share this - - Email - Print [image: Boxes containing Lenovo desktop computers are seen in an office in Kiev March 12, 2012. REUTERS/Gleb Garanich] Boxes containing Lenovo desktop computers are seen in an office in Kiev March 12, 2012. CREDIT: REUTERS/GLEB GARANICH (Reuters) - The U.S. government on Friday advised Lenovo Group Ltd customers to remove a "Superfish," a program pre-installed on some Lenovo laptops, saying it makes users vulnerable... mais »

Green Tea, Exercise and Aging

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 5 dias
Effects of green tea and physical exercise on memory impairments associated with aging - [image: Maíra F. Flôres] Maíra F. Flôres - [image: Alexandre Martins] Alexandre Martins - [image: Helen L. Schimidt] Helen L. Schimidt - [image: Francielli W. Santos] Francielli W. Santos - [image: Iván Izquierdo] Iván Izquierdo - [image: Pâmela B. Mello-Carpes] Pâmela B. Mello-Carpes - [image: Felipe P. Carpes] Felipe P. Carpes [more] Neurochemistry International (Impact Factor: 2.65). 12/2014; DOI: 10.1016/j.neuint.2014.08.008 *ABSTRACT* We investigated... mais »

Paris Commune

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 5 dias
*Eu não sabia ou não havia me dado conta que o movimento da Comuna de Paris aconteceu simultaneamente com a Guerra Franco-Prussiana e serviu de inspiração para K. Marx. Interessante também a reação Americana (que perdura) ao fenômeno...* [image: delanceyplace header] *Today's selection -- from Death in the Haymarket by James Green. In the cataclysmic Franco-Prussian War or 1870 -- Bismarck's war -- the French Army surrendered to the Germans.* But the citizens of Paris refused to surrender, and turned against their own French generals as a result, bringing about a bloody civil war fo... mais »

Pelouse Dr. Lamartine

José Antonio BrenneremBrenner de Santa Maria - Há 5 dias
Desde quando foram estabelecidas suas primeiras regras, no século XIX, o tênis era jogado em quadras de grama. O primitivo nome inglês *lawn-tennis*significa, literalmente, tênis em gramado. Em francês, gramado é *pelouse*, denominação que era usada para a quadra de tênis. Em Santa Maria, desde a inauguração da primeira quadra do A.T.C., em 1917, na Av. Rio Branco, nunca houve quadra de grama, mas de terra batida. Entretanto, desde o início e durante muitos anos, as quadras do clube eram chamadas *pelouses*. A expressão francesa havia se incorporado ao esporte, como sinônimo de quadr... mais »

Plastic people

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 6 dias
Plastic people Epigenetics has shown that there’s no such thing as a normal human body, so how did it get hijacked by the body police? by Julie Guthman and Becky Mansfield 3,200 words - [image: The promise of perfection. Photo by Gallery Stock] The promise of perfection. *Photo by Gallery Stock* Julie Guthman is professor of social sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is the author of*Agrarian Dreams: the Paradox of Organic Farming in California*(2nd edition, 2014) and*Weighing In: Obesity, Food Justice and the Limits of Capitalism*(2011) Becky Mansfield ... mais »

Iwo Jima

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 6 dias
*O texto da EB confirma que a foto foi realmente montagem. A primeira tinha a bandeira muito pequena foi fotografa na segunda tentativa...* Iwo Jima Written by: The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica - *1* - - - - - Last Updated 5-12-2014 - READ - EDIT - VIEW HISTORY - FEEDBACK *Alternate titles: *Iō Island; Iō Jima; Iō-tō Read More: - Hokkaido - Honshu - Kyushu - Minami-tori Island - Okinawa Island - New Zealand - Taiwan - Papua New Guinea *Iwo Jima**,* official Japanese Iō-tō, also called Iō-jima, island that... mais »

Paleo, Pastrami

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 6 dias
David L. Katz, MD, MPHInfluencer President, American College of Lifestyle Medicine Paleo, Pastrami; Shrinking Planet: Having Mammoth, Eating it, Too?[image: Paleo, Pastrami, & Shrinking Planet: Having Mammoth, Eating it, Too?] Feb 19, 2015 - 363,693Views - 714Likes - 285Comments The recent attention to dietary cholesterol, and by extension eggs, has stirred up the customary responses in a world of dietary divisiveness, if not outright dogma. There are rumblings of protest among my many vegan and vegetarian friends and colleagues, who are convinced the *Dietary Guidelines Adv... mais »

The very early Universe

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 6 dias
Ask Ethan #76: The very early UniverseWhat happened when things were hot enough to spontaneously create matter and antimatter? in Starts With A Bang!, by Ethan Siegel 9 min read


Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 6 dias
*Enviado pelo AMICOR Salvador Serra*

New Virus

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 6 dias
New Killer Virus Found in Kansas - NBC News Feb. 21, 2015 They're calling it Bourbon virus Scientists are reporting on a new virus, never seen before anywhere, that apparently killed a Kansas man last year. They’re calling it Bourbon virus, after the county in Kansas where the previously healthy man lived. He’d been bitten by ticks before he got sick so doctors believe the virus is carried by ticks. “We were not looking for a new virus,” said Charles Hunt, Kansas state epidemiologist, who helped report on the new virus. “We are surprised. We really don’t know much about this virus... mais »

Gender inequality

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há uma semana
Gender inequality in academia: not just about numbers (part two of two) 2/20/2015 7 Comments *Fran Amery, **Lecturer in British Politics at the University of Bath and Co-Convenor of the **PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group* *Yesterday’s post (part one of two) began to cover the tensions facing women in academia and the programs in place to promote women in STEM career fields. Amery continues her thoughts below: * Further to this, academic roles are often gendered. First of all, women are more likely to be employed on part-time and temporary contracts, with the accompanying lac... mais »

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