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Peter B. Doran is the Vice President of Research at the Center for European Policy Analysis at the Center for European Policy Analysis and the author of Breaking Rockefeller.

In 1903, the Wright brothers invented the airplane. In 1910, Glenn H. Curtiss topped their monopoly on aviation

In May 1910 pioneering pilot Glenn H. Curtiss brought all of Manhattan to a standstill with a record-breaking feat of aviation.

At the time, Curtiss was fighting a legal battle to break the Wright brothers’ monopoly over all powered human flight, but it was bleeding him dry. In order to pay his lawyers, Curtiss had to do the impossible. He had to win an impossible prize.
Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World had put up $10,000 ($250,000 today) for anyone who could complete the 150-mile journey from Albany to New York in an aeroplane. If Curtiss could win Pulitzer’s prize, he could sustain his battle to open the skies to innovation./.../