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Sunday, June 05, 2016

WHO Urban Health positions opened

DORA, Carlos Francisco C.

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Dear colleagues,
We have a few  positions opened for the WHO forthcoming work on Urban Health, one for an economist, one for an urban health expert and one for a project officer/manager.  These – especially the economist one, are closing soon.  The group will work closely with colleagues in the same team who will do modelling and statistical analyses of health impacts from public policies.  The initial focus for this work  are the health co-benefits of policies aimed at reducing air and climate pollutants in cities.  These are posts over two years initially (advertised over a shorter  term but renewable).  The field work will start in African cities, and we are working to extend the project for other regions.  The aim is to test and adapt – jointly with partner cities - a model for strengthening the health sector capacity to support sustainable and healthy urban policies (through analyses, advice and engagement with local stakeholders), that can be widely disseminated to other cities globally.  We hope this can become an engine for preventing disease and for mitigating air and climate pollutants, once it achieves the necessary scale, building on the health sector wide outreach also in LMICs.
Grateful if you could send to good potential candidates
Best regards

Carlos Dora, MD, PhD.
Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health Department
World Health Organization
Av Appia 20
CH-1211  Geneva 27
Phone: +41 22 791 3541
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