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Saturday, January 15, 2022

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AMICOR 3.066 

 #Dra. Valderês A. Robinson Achutti (*13/06/1931+15/06/2021)

Nos Jardins de Monet (FR) na virada do século.

#Le Temps

Le rire de Molière sur le gril en Suisse romande

Le rire de Molière sur le gril en Suisse romande

Les universités de Lausanne, Fribourg et Genève proposent dès ce samedi un bouquet
d’événements autour de l’humour moliéresque. Un feu d’artifice à découvrir sur les
planches, en ligne et à la radio

Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, alias Molière, fête ses 400 ans ce 15 janvier 2022. Le Temps se joint aux
célébrations, et brosse le portrait de l’artiste en courtisan doué et entrepreneur de théâtre…

#Maria Popova

What Happens When We Die

“How can a creature who will certainly die have an understanding
of things that will exist forever?”

#ZH Digital - UFSM

Nossos cumprimentos ao recém empossado Magnífico Reitor da Universidade Federal
de SM
(minha terra natal). O avô mencionado por ele -Vitor Francisco Schuch - foi meu
amigo no início da década de cinquenta, pouco antes de eu deixa a cidade. Tenho também
saudade, e gratas recordações do Chefe Vitor - criador do Clã de Pioneiros Ibitory-Retan 
(nome indígena do local onde se desenvolveu a cidade) - Hoje, um neto meu - Pedro Martin
Achutti Olivé
- tem como Reitor, um neto do Chefe Vitor.
Aproveito para agradecer mais uma vez, na pessoa do neto, as belas aventuras que tive
com seu avô, e ao mesmo tempo enviar meus votos de sucesso.


history of math

In the ancient Indian text called the Bakhshali Manuscript, a black dot (as seen

History of Mathematics’ explores the origins of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and more

a picture of an ancient Indian text

In the ancient Indian text called the Bakhshali Manuscript, a black dot (as seen in the right half of the bottom row) represents zero.


Marina Koren, The Atlantic
We Booped the SunFor such a familiar celestial body, the sun is still very mysterious—
but we’re getting closer to it than ever before.
We Booped the Sun
Marina Koren, The Atlantic

#Medium-Sunny Labh

5 Best Science Biographies of All Time
Books that portray the most brilliant minds in the most elegant ways
Sunny Labh

7 min read
The one thing you need to know about molecular evolution
The mathematical proof for natural
selection is written in DNA in the most striking and beautiful fashion…
7 min read

#Starts With A Bang!
How, exactly, does planet Earth move through the Universe?
The Solar System isn’t a vortex, but rather the sum of all our great cosmic motions. Here’s how we move…
#Quanta Magazine
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In a Numerical Coincidence, 
Some See Evidence for String Theory


In a quest to map out a quantum theory of gravity, researchers have used logical rules to calculate how much
Einstein’s theory must change. The result matches string theory perfectly.

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Neural Noise Shows the Uncertainty of Our Memories


The electrical chatter of our working memories reflects our uncertainty about their contents.

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Brain’s ‘Background Noise’ May
Hold Clues to Persistent Mysteries

by Elizabeth Landau (2021)



Any Single Galaxy Reveals the Composition of an Entire Universe


A digital discovery raises the odds that the real cosmos may be hiding a link between the large and the small.

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How Artificial Intelligence
Is Changing Science

by Dan Falk (2019)



Computer Scientists Eliminate Pesky Quantum Computations


For years, intermediate measurements made it hard to quantify the complexity of quantum algorithms. New work establishes that those measurements aren’t necessary after all.

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Researchers Defeat Randomness to Create Ideal Code

Podcast hosted by SUSAN VALOT;

By constructing a multidimensional graph, researchers have finally created a method for coding a transmission that can immediately identify any corruption.

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No Knowledge, No Problems
Computer scientist Amit Sahai explains “zero-knowledge proofs” — a way to prove something without revealing any additional information — at five levels of difficulty for WIRED. Sahai has used this concept to hide the inner workings
of computer programs from would-be hackers. In a 2014 article for 
Quanta, Erica Klarreich wrote about Sahai’s
pioneering work in “program obfuscation.”

Intentional Icarus
The Parker probe recently entered the sun’s corona, giving us the closest-ever view of our star, Marina Koren
writes for 
The Atlantic. Much about the sun remains a mystery despite its proximity to us. In 2019 Natalie
Wolchover wrote for 
Quanta about scientists’ attempts to understand the gamma rays emanating from our star.