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Saturday, May 30, 2015

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Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 15 segundos
Recompensa (Enviado para ZH em 29/05/2015, mas é provável que não seja publicado) Aloyzio Achutti. Médico. Emoções, tanto o amor como o ódio, passam pelo circuito da recompensa (Reward na literatura inglesa). Não é novidade sua importância neuro-psicológica. As experiências de Pavlov, sensações e reações de prazer e dor, as teorias do aprendizado, dependência química ou psicológica, tudo aponta na mesma direção. Fazem parte da interação entre seres vivos e com o resto do ambiente. Têm a ver com evolução, sobrevivência, preservação da espécie, adaptação, comportamento, atitude e cult... mais »

Psychology of Music

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[image:] The Psychology of Music View the Infographic [image:]

A callarse

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Keeping Quiet: Sylvia Boorstein Reads Pablo Neruda’s Beautiful Ode to Silence*By: Maria Popova* *An lyrical reminder to break the momentum of busyness that fuels “the sadness of never understanding ourselves.”* *“Make a place to sit down. Sit down. Be quiet…”*So begins Wendell Berry’s “How to Be a Poet,”tucked into which is tremendous sagacity on how to be a good human being. *“The impulse to create begins… in a tunnel of silence,”* wrote Adrienne Rich in her tremendous lecture on art and freedom. *“Every real poem is the breaking of an existing silence.”* No poet breaks the silence w... mais »

Processing speech brain area

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*Jonathan Peelle* ‏@jpeelle 5h5 hours agoSt Louis, MO O RLY RT @PsyPost: Researchers ID part of the brain for processing speech chers-id-part-of-the-brain-for-processing-speech-34721 … [image: Embedded image permalink] View photo0 retweets2 favorites Reply Retweet Favorite2 Follow More

Reorganization and Compensation in Aging

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[image: Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience] July 2015, Vol. 27, No. 7, Pages 1275-1285 Posted Online May 29, 2015. (doi:10.1162/jocn_a_00783) © 2015 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Neural Reorganization and Compensation in Aging *Alexa M. Morcom and Wendy Johnson* University of Edinburgh Full Text|PDF (144.238 KB)|PDF Plus (247.877 KB) According to prominent theories of aging, the brain may reorganize to compensate for neural deterioration and prevent or offset cognitive decline. A frequent and striking finding in functional imaging studies is that older adults recruit additional re... mais »

Feldenkrais Exercises

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[image: the Feldenkrais Center of San Diego]Free Feldenkrais Exercises An educational system of neuromuscular re-education known for its gentle approach, the Feldenkrais Method has been shown to dramatically improve individual functioning by increasing self-awareness and facilitating new patterns of thinking, moving, and feeling. Intended for those who need to improve their movement repertoire for professional reasons–dancers, musicians, martial artists, gymnasts, and athletes–as well as those wishing to reduce pain or limitations in movement, Feldenkrais is based on the idea that le... mais »

Spacetime origins

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Theory of everything? How spacetime is built by quantum entanglementDate:May 27, 2015Source:University of TokyoSummary:Physicists and mathematicians have made a significant step toward unifying general relativity and quantum mechanics by explaining how spacetime emerges from quantum entanglement in a more fundamental theory. FULL STORY ------------------------------ This is an illustration of the concept of the holography. *Credit: Hirosi Ooguri* A collaboration of physicists and a mathematician has made a significant step toward unifying general relativity and quantum mechanics by exp... mais »


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How Much Alcohol Is Too Much? A New Study Has Answers - Alice Park @aliceparkny May 26, 2015 Alcohol, at least in moderation, can help the heart, but too much can be toxic. The latest study tells you where to draw the line For decades, there’s been a steady line of literature welcomed by anyone who enjoys a regular drink or two: that moderate drinking can actually protect you from having a heart attack by keeping your vessels clear and relatively plaque-free. But there’s another set of data that shows too much alcohol can start to poison the heart. So where does the line between ... mais »


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Scientists recover ‘lost’ memories using brain stimulation by blue light May 29, 2015 [image: (credit: Christine Daniloff/MIT)] Amnesia is a fixable result of retrieval impairment, not damage MIT researchers have found they were able to reactivate memories in mice that could not otherwise be retrieved, using optogenetics — in which proteins are added to neurons to allow them to be activated with light. The breakthrough finding, in a paper published Thursday (May 28) in the journal Science, appears to answer a longstanding question … more… Light electric stimulation of the brain may im... mais »


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New human ancestor species from Ethiopia lived alongside Lucy's speciesMay 27, 2015 [image: New human ancestor species from Ethiopia lived alongside Lucy's species] Holotype upper jaw of a new human ancestor species found on March 4, 2011. Credit: Yohannes Haile-Selassie, Cleveland Museum of Natural History A new relative joins "Lucy" on the human family tree. An international team of scientists, led by Dr. Yohannes Haile-Selassie of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, has discovered a 3.3 to 3.5 million-year-old new human ancestor species. Upper and lower jaw fossils recovered f... mais »


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This Is Google’s Plan for Internet-Connected Everything - Stacey Higginbotham / Fortune May 28, 2015 [image: Google senior vice president of product Sundar Pichai delivers the keynote address during the 2015 Google I/O conference on May 28, 2015 in San Francisco.]Justin Sullivan—Getty ImagesGoogle senior vice president of product Sundar Pichai delivers the keynote address during the 2015 Google I/O conference on May 28, 2015 in San Francisco. Meet 'Project Brillo' Google announced its planned software for the Internet of things and it’s a pretty nice shot at all the major players ... mais »

Medscape 20

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Medscape > Eric Topol on Medscape Topol: 20 Years Down; What's in Store for the Next 20? Eric J. Topol, MD May 27, 2015 20 Years of Medical Practice Dear Medscape Readers, At this juncture of celebrating Medscape's 20th anniversary in online publishing for medical professionals, I thought it would be nice to look back at medicine's past as well as ahead to the future of medicine. As I wrote about in *The Patient Will See You Now*, a graphic (Figure) published in *The Economist *in 1994, which was just around the time that Medscape was getting off the ground, has been stuck in my head s... mais »


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[image: Neuroscience]ARTICLES AND NEWS FROM THE LATEST RESEARCH REPORTS.May 27, 2015 [image: Hard to Understand, Harder to Remember Struggling to understand someone else talking can be a taxing mental activity. A wide range of studies have already documented that individuals with hearing loss or who are listening to degraded speech – for example, over a bad phone line or in a loud room – have greater difficulty remembering and processing the spoken information than individuals who heard more clearly.Now researchers at Washington University in St. Louis are investigating the relativel...mais »


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Music Psychology

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[image: The Psychology of Music]


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[image: kidstalking] THE SUPER SECRET WORLD OF LUDLINGS *Whalabat calaban selebecrelebet lalabangualabages telebell ulubus alabout lalabangualabage ilibin gelebeneleberalabal?* That was a snippet from* alibi*, a secret language often spoken in schoolyards across Australia. Though a little rusty in the language myself, I certainly had friends who could speak it fluently to convey top-secret information in public, to the confusion of non-speakers around them. Along with *gibberish,* spoken in the US and Canada (and famously depicted in a scene from *The Slums of Beverly Hills*), as w... mais »


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- Science and health editor Laura Helmuth likes ... “Who Are Twitter’s Verified Users?” by @Haje,*Medium* “Fascinating analysis of Twitter’s verified users.”


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Davos experts beaten by chimps![image: Inline] The experts at the World Economic Forum in Davos were beaten by the chimps, when Hans Rosling asked them about the changing world. — What percent of one-year-old children in the world are vaccinated against measles? — Correct answer: 8 out of 10 children. But only 23% of the crowd got it right. Like many other audiences, they answered worse than random. They were beaten by the chimps, who pick the right answer 33% of the time, by pure chance. — How can “World Experts” be so terribly wrong about the success of global primary health care? — ... mais »


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Health » Reuters - 2 - Email - Print Is Nicotine All Bad? Scientists question if a daily dose of the well-known alkaloid is as benign as caffeine May 19, 2015 More on this Topic - [image: Will a Nicotine Patch Make You Smarter? [Excerpt]]Will a Nicotine Patch Make You Smarter? [Excerpt] - [image: Smoke Screen: Are E-Cigarettes Safe?]Smoke Screen: Are E-Cigarettes Safe? By Kate Kelland LONDON (Reuters) - Since he ditched Marlboro Lights five years ago, Daniel's fix is fruit-flavored nicotine gum that comes in neat, pop-out strips. He gets through 12 to 15 p... mais »


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Studying Alzheimer’s in people with Down syndrome could prove beneficial The Alzheimer’s Association, in collaboration with the several Down syndrome organizations, recently convened an international workshop of leaders in Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome research to create a roadmap for advancing Alzheimer's treatment and prevention for people with Down syndrome as well as the rest of the population. People with Down syndrome run a very high risk of developing Alzheimer’s due to a genetic abnormality inherited from their parents. Researchers are working to call attention to th... mais »


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CONVERSATION : CONVERSATIONS Layers Of Reality A Conversation With Sean Carroll [5.28.15] *We know there's a law of nature, the second law of thermodynamics, that says that disorderliness grows with time. Is there another law of nature that governs the complexity of what happens? That talks about multiple layers of the structures and how they interact with each other? Embarrassingly enough, we don't even know how to define this problem yet. We don't know the right quantitative description for complexity. This is very early days. This is Copernicus, not even Kepler, much less Galileo ... mais »


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Become the most popular kid on the playground.[image: twitter] [image: facebook] [image: linkedin]GOVLOOP TRAINING20 TIPS TO BECOME A NETWORKING NINJAHi Aloyzio, Does the word "networking" cause you to break out in sweats? Well, this free online training may be the remedy to your perspiration problem. Discover how you can start building meaningful relationships that are beneficial to your career. Online Training: 20 Tips to Become a Networking Ninja Join us online on *Wednesday, June 10 from 2:00-3:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PT* where you will learn: - How to use networki... mais »

Cell Memory Traces

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Could Memory Traces Exist in Cell Bodies? The long-held belief that memories are stored at synapses—the junctions between cells—may not be the full story By Susan Cosier | Apr 9, 2015 *Credit: Allan Ajifo/Flickr* Once a memory is lost, is it gone forever? Most research points to yes. Yet a study published in the online journal eLife now suggests that traces of a lost memory might remain in a cell's nucleus, perhaps enabling future recall or at least the easy formation of a new, related memory. The current theory accepted by neurobiologists is that long-term memories live at synapses... mais »


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“Young Blood” Anti-Aging Mechanism Called into Question A protein in the blood of young mice that seemed to rejuvenate older animals may do the opposite By Sara Reardon and Nature magazine | May 22, 2015 For decades, scientists have sought to understand the anti-ageing effects of parabiosis, a technique in which researchers sew a young mouse and an old mouse together so that they share a circulatory system. - The hunt for the fountain of youth is back to square one—at least for those seeking it in blood. New findings cast doubt on research that attempted to explain why the ... mais »

Community Translator

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Web Publishing for All! Introducing Community Translator Toolsby Julian de Bhál Publishing tools for everyone Roughly half of the content and traffic on the internet is in English1, yet English is the mother tongue of only about a quarter of internet users2, and less than 5% of the world's population.3 We believe that should be for *everyone*, not just English speakers -- it's why we already serve WordPress in 131 languages -- but we want to make it even more accessible.4 To keep so many languages up to date we need to make it radically easier for non-English speaking c... mais »

To cut youth violence

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[image: TED]MAY 26, 2015TODAY’S TED TALKJeffrey Brown: How we cut youth violence in Boston by 79 percent 18:03 minutes · TED2015 An architect of the "Boston miracle," Rev. Jeffrey Brown started out as a bewildered young pastor watching his Boston neighborhood fall apart around him, as drugs and gang violence took hold of the kids on the streets. The first step to recovery: Listen to those kids, don't just preach to them, and help them reduce violence in their own neighborhoods. It's a powerful talk about listening to make change. Watch now »

Prof. Dalmo Dallari: conferência

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Eventos [image: voltar] Evento sobre tabagismo na FSP USP. [image: Foto: USP Imagens] Foto: USP Imagens Data: 28/05/2015 das 14h às 15h. *Mesa Redonda na FSP USP para marcar o Dia Mundial da Luta contra o Tabaco.* A Comissão de Controle e Prevenção Tabagismo da Faculdade de Saúde Pública (FSP) da USP realizará a Mesa Redonda para marcar o *Dia Mundial da Luta contra o Tabaco*. O Dia Mundial da Luta contra o Tabaco, também conhecido como "*Dia Mundial Sem Tabaco*" ou "*Dia Contra o Cigarro*" comemora-se no *dia 31 de maio*. Nessa data as pessoas procuram alertar os fumadores para os p... mais »

Trade and Health

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 5 dias Impacts of trade and investment agreements on health Posted Thu, 2015-05-21 23:00 Several civil society organisations gathered at the launch of the alternative world health report, Global Health Watch 4 at Geneva's Press Club, on 20th of May 2015. The launch was accompanied by a panel discussion on the ‘Impacts of trade and investment agreements on health’. The event was organised by The Berne Declaration, Health Action International, Medico International, Medicus Mundi International, People’s Health Movement, Safe Observer Intern...mais »

John F. Nash Jr. 13/06/1928-23/05/2015)

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John F. Nash Jr., Math Genius Defined by a ‘Beautiful Mind,’ Dies at 86 By ERICA GOODEMAY 24, 2015 John F. Nash Jr., a mathematician who shared a Nobel Prize in 1994 for work that greatly extended the reach and power of modern economic theory and whose long descent into severe mental illness and eventual recovery were the subject of a book and a film, both titled “A Beautiful Mind,” was killed, along with his wife, in a car crash on Saturday in New Jersey. He was 86. Dr. Nash and his wife, Alicia, 82, were in a taxi on the New Jersey Turnpike in Monroe Township around 4:30 p.m. when t... mais »

Criança Desaparecida

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Medusa Nebula

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Our Best Glimpse Yet Of The Stunning Medusa Nebula 2,838 11 [image: georgedvorsky] George DvorskyProfileFollow George Dvorsky Filed to: SPACE PORN - SPACE - ASTRONOMY - NEBULAS - MEDUSA NEBULA - VERY LARGE TELESCOPE - SCIENCE 5/20/15 3:00pm - Share to Kinja - Share to Facebook - Share to Pinterest - Share to Twitter - Go to permalink [image: Our Best Glimpse Yet Of The Stunning Medusa Nebula] Located 1,500 light years away and measuring four light-years across, the gorgeous Medusa Nebula offers a sneak preview of what our Sun will look like when it fi... mais »

New Medical Ressearch

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*Enviado pelo AMICOR Airton Fischmann* This is why you shouldn’t believe that exciting new medical study by Julia Belluz on March 23, 2015 In 2003, researchers writing in the *American Journal of Medicine* discovered something that should change how you think about medical news. They looked at 101 studies published in top scientific journals between 1979 and 1983 that claimed a new therapy or medical technology was very promising. Only five, they found out, made it to market within a decade. Only one (ACE inhibitors, a pharmaceutical drug) was still extensively used at the time of the... mais »


Recompensa (Enviado para ZH em 29/05/2015, mas é provável que não seja publicado)
Aloyzio Achutti. Médico.

Emoções, tanto o amor como o ódio, passam pelo circuito da recompensa (Reward na literatura inglesa). Não é novidade sua importância neuro-psicológica. As experiências de Pavlov, sensações e reações de prazer e dor, as teorias do aprendizado, dependência química ou psicológica, tudo aponta na mesma direção. Fazem parte da interação entre seres vivos e com o resto do ambiente. Têm a ver com evolução, sobrevivência, preservação da espécie, adaptação, comportamento, atitude e cultura.
A nutrição na vida fetal, a satisfação da fome através da amamentação, o calor matero, a própria percepção do pulsar do coração da mãe denunciando sua presença, seus cuidados e primeiras lições de sobrevivência, nos marcam do mesmo modo de forma indelével.
Fome, frio, dor, carência afetiva, frustrações, levam-nos a buscar alívio ou compensação. Este mecanismo, de tão forte, pode levar à dependência e até substituir o objeto primário da função. A memória do caminho do sucesso redireciona a busca, e pode tornar mais fácil o prazer no jogo para alcançar a recompensa, do que a satisfação do impulso inicial.
Recompensa parece ser apenas a via positiva de um mesmo caminho, em cuja contramão andam castigo,  ódio, e vingança.
Carinho, elogio, comércio, salário, propina, negociações políticas, toma-lá-dá-ca, tudo pode encontrar sentido e explicação em estruturas neuro-psicológicas. A dificuldade está em sua utilização adequada e dose certa. Utilizamos continuamente recursos naturais, entretanto a exploração abusiva pelo próprio indivíduo ou por outros, de tudo que a vida e a natureza nos proporcionam, pode ter curso desastroso.
É sabido que na raiz da violência urbana estão a falta do carinho materno, da segurança familiar, a desigualdade e a marginalização social. As tentativas de correção tardia dos problemas com punição e cadeia vêm na contramão, e resultam no que vemos todo o dia: droga-adição, aumento da criminalidade, corrupção e prisões lotadas.
A discussão para encontrar os melhores caminhos para a sociedade e as definições de prioridade política já se encontram depravadas pela troca de favores e abandono da racionalidade.
A final pode-se chegar à conclusão de que o  comportamento social é praticamente o mesmo, tanto nos estratos marginais como nos mais desenvolvidos. A diferença não está na motivação que nos move, mas apenas nas aparências, na sofisticação, e na linguagem, todos estamos estimulando nosso circuito da recompensa.

Psychology of Music

View the Infographic

A callarse

Keeping Quiet: Sylvia Boorstein Reads Pablo Neruda’s Beautiful Ode to Silence

An lyrical reminder to break the momentum of busyness that fuels “the sadness of never understanding ourselves.”
“Make a place to sit down. Sit down. Be quiet…”So begins Wendell Berry’s “How to Be a Poet,”tucked into which is tremendous sagacity on how to be a good human being. “The impulse to create begins… in a tunnel of silence,” wrote Adrienne Rich in her tremendous lecture on art and freedom“Every real poem is the breaking of an existing silence.”
No poet breaks the silence with silence, nor slices through its vitalizing, clarifying, and transcendent power, with more piercing elegance than Pablo Neruda (July 12, 1904–September 23, 1973) in a poem titled “Keep Quiet” from his 1974 volume Extravagaria(public library), translated by Alastair Reid./.../


Neruda’s “Keeping Quiet”

This past week there has been some a stream of Pablo Neruda poetry posts. I first read about this wonderful phenomenon over atTruly Outrageous. And Sylvia at the Anti-Essentialist Conundrum, who posted the first Neruda poem, has been tracking the Neruda craze.
I first discovered Neruda the summer I was 16, and am pleased to join in the Neruda blogging with:
A callarse / Keeping Quiet
Ahora contaremos doce
y nos quedamos todos quietos.
Por una vez sobre la tierra
no hablemos en ningún idioma,
por un segundo detengámonos,
no movamos tanto los brazos.
Sería un minuto fragante,
sin prisa, sin locomotoras,
todos estaríamos juntos
en una inquietud instantánea.
Los pescadores del mar frió
no harían daño a las ballenas
y el trabajador de la sal
miraría sus manos rotas.
Los que preparan guerras verdes,
guerras de gas, guerras de fuego,
victorias sin sobrevivientes,
se pondrían un traje puro
y andarían son sus hermanos
por la sombra, sin hacer nada.
No se confunda lo quiero
con la inacción definitiva:
la vida es solo lo que se hace,
no quiero nada con la muerte.
Si no pudimos ser unánimes
moviendo tanto nuestras vidas
tal vez no hacer nada una vez,
tal vez un gran silencio pueda
interrumpir esta tristeza,
este no entendernos jamás
y amenazarnos con la muerte,
tal vez la tierra nos enseñe
cuando todo parece muerto
y luego todo estaba vivo.
Ahora contare hasta doce
y tú te callas y me voy.
Keeping Quiet / A callarse
Now we will all count to twelve
and we will all keep still.
This one time upon the earth,
let’s not speak any language,
let’s stop for one second,
and not move our arms so much.
It would be a delicious moment,
without hurry, without locomotives,
all of us would be together
in a sudden uneasiness.
The fisherman in the cold sea
would do no harm to the whales
and the peasant gathering salt
would look at his torn hands.
Those who prepare green wars,
wars of gas, wars of fire,
victories without survivors,
would put on clean clothing
and would walk alongside their brothers
in the shade, without doing a thing.
What I want shouldn’t be confused
with final inactivity:
life alone is what matters,
I want nothing to do with death.
If we weren’t unanimous
about keeping our lives so much in motion,
if we could perhaps do nothing for once,
perhaps a great silence would interrupt this sadness,
this never understanding ourselves
and threatening ourselves with death,
perhaps the earth is teaching us
when everything seems to be dead
and everything is alive.
Now I will count to twelve
and you keep quiet and I’ll go.
-By Pablo Neruda
-Englsih translation by Stephen Mitchell

Processing speech brain area