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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Nikola Tesla

The Nikola Tesla Interview Hidden for 116 Years! | EU

In 1899 Tesla gave this interview which has rarely ever been published for over 100 years.
In it Tesla pulls no punches and reveals the great conspiracy of science that was well under way, the suppression of ether and the introduction of a new fake science to conceal it as well as to suppress the work of Tesla himself.

Once, in 1899, Nikola Tesla had an interview with a certain journalist, John Smith, when Tesla said, “Everything is the light.” In one of its rays is the fate of nations, each nation has its own ray in that great light source, which we see as the Sun./.../

Cholesterol 2017

Clinicians and patients may find recent studies relevant to decisions about lipid-lowering therapy to be perplexing. There are now, for the first time, 3 evidence-based options to modify atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk via lipid-lowering medications. With new information emerging, recent guidelines aging, and decisions needing to be made, this is an opportune time to review lipid-lowering therapy in the age of increasing evidence-based choice. The focus in this Viewpoint is on typical patients, not those with extreme phenotypes.
When the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association (ACC/AHA) published the Guideline on the Treatment of Blood Cholesterol to Reduce Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Risk in Adults1 in 2013, only the use of statins, among lipid-lowering medications, was strongly supported by evidence of improved patient outcomes. The guideline’s emphasis on statins for secondary prevention and for individuals at higher risk of disease was reinforced by a recent report that estimated the treatment of 10 000 patients for 5 years would cause 1 case of rhabdomyolysis, 5 cases of myopathy, 75 new cases of diabetes, and 7 hemorrhagic strokes while averting about 1000 events among those with preexisting disease, and 500 among those with elevated risk but without preexisting disease.2 Despite this evidence, uptake of statins remains suboptimal in the United States and elsewhere and offers an opportunity for improvement. Moreover, despite the available research, evidence is lacking about the comparative effectiveness and safety of particular statins for specific individuals.3/.../

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

endangered microbioma species

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Fundador do Banco Pactual: “O calote vem aí. O sistema entrará em falência. Aplicações serão confiscadas”


O caos fiscal e econômico gerado no país desde o governo Dilma Rousseff e continuado pelo presidente Michel Temer poderá acabar de modo trágico, alerta o financista Luiz Cesar Fernandes

Segundo Fernandes, que é criador dos bancos Garantia e Pactual, em um curto período de tempo, a dívida interna pública atingirá 100% do PIB […] trocando em miúdos, toda a riqueza produzida no país será ‘sugada’ pelo governo federal para pagar contas que foram feitas de maneira irresponsável.
“A situação será insustentável e o país entrará em uma total ingovernabilidade […] o sistema entrará em falência e atingirá não só os grandes bancos como também (por conseqüência) as pessoas físicas.” declarou Fernandes.
Ele explica que as grandes instituições bancárias não terão outra saída senão impedir seus clientes saquem suas poupanças, seja à vista ou a prazo.
” O caos levará ao calote da dívida interna brasileira com o conseqüente confisco de aplicações financeiras.” explicou.
Não se trata de teoria da conspiração ou de pessimismo:
“Temer e sua equipe econômica aprofundaram a depressão econômica e o rombo fiscal poderá ultrapassar a casa dos R$ 800 bilhões.” escreveu o banqueiro.


The Hashtag at Ten Years Young
The hashtag was born on Twitter 10 years ago today, and it has become one of the most recognizable and widely used symbols of our time…
Biz Stone
2 min read

Canakinumab for Atherosclerotic Disease

Referido pela AMICOR Maria Inês Reinert Azambuja

Antiinflammatory Therapy with Canakinumab for Atherosclerotic Disease

Paul M Ridker, M.D., et al.
August 27, 2017DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1707914
Citing Articles (1)


Experimental and clinical data suggest that reducing inflammation without affecting lipid levels may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Yet, the inflammatory hypothesis of atherothrombosis has remained unproved.


Antiinflammatory therapy targeting the interleukin-1β innate immunity pathway with canakinumab at a dose of 150 mg every 3 months led to a significantly lower rate of recurrent cardiovascular events than placebo, independent of lipid-level lowering. (Funded by Novartis; CANTOS number, NCT01327846.)

Saturday, August 26, 2017

2830 - AMICOR 20

Spinoza: intellectual freedom

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 3 horas
Why Spinoza still mattersAt a time of religious zealotry, Spinoza’s fearless defence of intellectual freedom is more timely than ever In July 1656, the 23-year-old Bento de Spinoza was excommunicated from the Portuguese-Jewish congregation of Amsterdam. It was the harshest punishment of *herem* (ban) ever issued by that community. The extant document, a lengthy and vitriolic diatribe, refers to the young man’s ‘abominable heresies’ and ‘monstrous deeds’. The leaders of the community, having consulted with the rabbis and using Spinoza’s Hebrew name, proclaim that they hereby ‘expel, e... mais »

Consciousness: how to understand?

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 3 horas
The real problemIt looks like scientists and philosophers might have made consciousness far more mysterious than it needs to be *Anil K Seth is professor of cognitive and computational neuroscience at the University of Sussex, and co-director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science. He is also editor-in-chief of Neuroscience of Consciousness. He lives in Brighton.* Listen here Brought to you by, an Aeon partner 3,600 words Edited by Nigel Warburton SYNDICATE THIS ESSAY The cerebellum (the so-called ‘little brain’ hanging off the back of the cortex) has about four... mais »

Clovis H Tigre (*1938 +23/08/2017)

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 11 horas
Recebi através de meus amigos Luis e Myrtha Ruiz a triste notícia do falecimento de Clóvis H. Tigre. Ilustre epidemiólogo da Organização Panamericana da Saúde, com importantes contribuições para a política de saúde de nosso Estado no início da década de 70. Foi um dos sanitaristas gaúchos contratados pela OPAS que deram continuidade ao trabalho, a partir de uma plataforma com perspectiva Pan-Americana e Mundial Gravura: "Three figures" obra da esposa do falecido em 1995. Trouxemos de uma visita que fizemos ao casal na época. H.H.Tigre Haverá uma missa em homenagem no próximo di... mais »

health monitoring

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 12 horas
From Kurzweil: Flexible ‘electronic skin’ patch provides wearable health monitoring anywhere on the body August 23, 2017 [image: Mobile Application of the Soft Electronic Skin ft] A radical new electronic skin monitor developed by Korean and U.S. scientists tracks heart rate, respiration, muscle movement, acceleration, and electrical activity in the heart, muscles, eyes, and brain and wirelessly transmits it to a smartphone, allowing for continuous health monitoring. KurzweilAI has covered a number of biomedical skin-monitoring devices. This new design is noteworthy because … more…


Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 23 horas
Dancing Can Reverse the Signs of Aging in the Brainby Neuroscience News [image: Image shows an old couple dancing.] Elderly volunteers, with an average age of 68, were recruited to the study and assigned either an eighteen-month weekly course of learning dance routines, or endurance and flexibility training. image is in the public domain. Numerous recent studies have shown a link between exercise and improved cognitive performance in older people. A new study reveals dancing may have the most profound effect on cognitive health. Read more of this post *Neuroscienc... mais »

Gut Bacteria and Brain

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há um dia
[image: Image shows the location of the pfc in the brain.] New Light on Link Between Gut Bacteria and Anxietyby Neuroscience News *miRNAs may affect physiological processes that are fundamental to the functioning of the central nervous system and in brain regions, such as the amygdala and prefrontal cortex, which are heavily implicated in anxiety and depression. image is in the public domain.* Researchers discover gut microbes may influence microRNA in the prefrontal cortex and amygdala, two areas of the brain associated with depression and anxiety. Read more of t... mais »

UCPel 29/08 - 18 h.

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Do Dr. Roni Quevedo: [image: Imagem inline 1]

Omega 3

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Understanding How Omega 3 Dampens Inflammatory Reactionsby Neuroscience News Researchers from NTNU find new evidence of how omega 3 fatty acids can dampen inflammatory reactions in the body. Read more of this post *Neuroscience News* | August 24, 2017 at 1:16 pm | Tags: CXCL 10, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Omega-3 fatty acids | URL: Comment See all commenOmega 3

Carlos Boccanera Koch (*17/08/1935 +03/08/2017)

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 2 dias
Colega de turma (1960) de minha esposa Valderês e também membro da lista AMICOR. Recebi hoje mensagem de Rosa com a notícia de seu falecimento recente. Enviamos nosso abraço à família enlutada.


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Mental Health ^~ Gut Microbiome

Aloyzio AchuttiemAMICOR - Há 2 dias
Linking Mental Health and the Gut Microbiomeby Neuroscience News [image: Image shows a diagram of the gut brain axis.] The MGB axis, including the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis. The MGB axis is a bidirectional system that links the gastrointestinal tract with the brain. It is a complex system characterized by a neuroendocrine–immune communication. The gut microbiome influences the function of the brain by modulation of both immune and endocrine systems, HPA axis, neurotransmitter pathways, and growth factors. Alterations of this network—that includes numerous molecules an... mais »

Rheumatic Fever

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Threat of Rheumatic Heart Disease Not OverStill an important public health threat in less-developed nations - SAVESAVED - - - - - - by Nicole Lou, Contributing Writer, MedPage TodayAugust 23, 2017 Rheumatic heart disease has killed fewer people in recent years but it remains a significant threat in the world's poorest regions, data from the 2015 Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study showed. Such deaths numbered 347,500 in 1990 versus 319,400 in 2015, an 8.1% drop. When adjusted for age, mortality risk around the world from rheumatic heart disease fell 47.... mais »

Air Pollution and Stress

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*Recomendado pelo AMICOR Enrique Barros* Particulate Matter Exposure and Stress Hormone LevelsA Randomized, Double-Blind, Crossover Trial of Air Purification Huichu Li, Jing Cai, Renjie Chen, Zhuohui Zhao, Zhekang Ying, Lin Wang, Jianmin Chen, Ke Hao, Patrick L. Kinney, Honglei Chen, Haidong Kan Download PDF Circulation. 2017;136:618-627 Originally published August 14, 2017 - Article - Abstract *Background:* Exposure to ambient particulate matter (PM) is associated with a number of adverse health outcomes, but potential mechanis... mais »

Neural Inhibitor connectivity

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Research Reveals ‘Exquisite Selectivity’ of Neuronal Wiring in the Cerebral Cortexby Neuroscience News Researchers track the connectivity patterns of chandelier cells. Read more of this post [image: Image shows neurons.] The CSHL team traced local and long-range connections of chandelier cells in the mouse brain. Arrow heads point to two of the chandelier cell soma or cell bodies, from each of which hundreds of candelabra-like arbors reach out to connect with local pyramidal neurons in a part of the cerebral cortex. These spatially intermixed excitatory neurons segregated into two gr... mais »

POA - Gentrificação

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Referência de Betânia Alfonsin No link abaixo é possível acessar o dossiê especial que o Sul 21 fez sobre GENTRIFICAÇÃO em Porto Alegre. São 5 reportagens longas que percorrem a história da urbanização de Porto Alegre desde a proclamação da República até 2017, situando as principais questões, dando visibilidade às comunidades mais afetadas pelo processo e legando aos pesquisadores da área uma nova e importante fonte de pesquisa, tal a relevância dos dados e informações coletados. Para guardar e ir assistindo pouco a pouco... **

World Dangerous Cities

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*Referido pela AMICOR Maria Inês Reinert Azambuja* The world’s most dangerous cities The cities with the highest homicide rates are once again nearly all in Latin America

Estupro coletivo - BR

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*Brasil registra dez casos de estupro coletivo a cada dia* Dados inéditos mostram que número mais do que dobrou em cinco anos

Academia Rio-Grandense de Letras

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Academia Rio-Grandense de Letras 00:02 (Há 7 horas) para mim Na reunião ocorrida em 03 de agosto de 2017, foi anunciado o período de inscrições para os candidatos que desejem concorrer à Cadeira 8 da Academia Rio-Grandense de Letras. A Cadeira 8 tem José Teodoro de Souza Lobo por patrono, e já a ocuparam intelectuais como Radagásio Taborda, Mozart Pereira Soares e Raul Moreau Neto, seu último ocupante, falecido em outubro de 2016. Os interessados devem enviar ao endereço da Academia uma carta dirigida ao Presidente Alexandre Avelino Collet,... mais »

Cora Coralina

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Google comemora 128º aniversário de Cora Coralina Por Redação - 20 de agosto de 2017 O Doodle de hoje comemora o *128º aniversário* de *Cora Coralina*. Cora Coralina foi uma poetisa e contista brasileira. Considerada uma das mais importantes escritoras brasileiras, ela teve seu primeiro livro publicado em junho de 1965 (Poemas dos Becos de Goiás e Estórias Mais), quando já tinha quase 76 anos de idade.

"Want a Job"

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When Richard J. Berry, the mayor of Albuquerque, saw a man on a street corner holding a cardboard sign that read "Want a job," he decided to take him up on it. He and his staff started a citywide program to help homeless people by giving them day jobs and a place to sleep. Find out how your city can replicate Albuquerque's success in this frank and optimistic talk. Watch »

First animals

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Study solves mystery of how first animals appeared on EarthAugust 16, 2017[image: Time chart from 850 Myr ago to the present summarizing environmental, biomarker and fossil data and highlighting the position of the rise of algae.]Figure 1: Time chart from 850 Myr ago to the present summarizing environmental, biomarker and fossil data and highlighting the position of the rise of algae.close Note break in time scale at the Ediacaran/Cambrian boundary. *a*, Speculative trajectory of atmospheric oxygen (turquoise; percentage of present atmospheric level, PAL)32, and phosphorous concen... mais »

Eye Test : AD

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Eye Test Could Predict Alzheimer’s Years Before Symptoms Appear [image: Neuroscience News]NEUROSCIENCE NEWSAUGUST 18, 2017 F*Summary: Researchers report the retina may provide clues as to those at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. A new study reports amyloid plaques have been discovered in peripheral areas of the retina in Alzheimer’s patients. The amount of retinal plaques correlated with the amount of amyoid plaques in specific brain areas.* *Source: Cedars Sinai Medical Center.* *Cedars-Sinai neuroscience investigators have found that Alzheimer’s disease affects the retina — t... mais »