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Sunday, May 23, 2021

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Professor Nate Hagens outlines 33 core myths underpinning modern cultural conversations and behaviors. The video closes with 15 categories of interventions and a Wild Idea under each category. 

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 #COVID: Biden Orders Wuhan Lab Leak Probe

After long-running skepticism that treated it as a Trumpian conspiracy theory, the possibility
that the coronavirus pandemic started in a Chinese lab is now mainstream. That’s because
President Biden yesterday ordered a 90-day probe of that theory. Why now? Intelligence
reports say the Wuhan Institute of Virology, based amid the first reported outbreaks in
December 2019, saw ailing staff hospitalized a month earlier. That’s prompted the U.S.
Senate to unanimously block funding for the lab, while Beijing, which has been criticized
for withholding data, warned against “politicizing” research, while supporting a
“comprehensive” study of early COVID-19 cases.

Sources: YahooNewsweekDW

Should the lab be probed? Or is this politics? Answer our PDB poll here.

#From: Eric Barker
This is the dayli ritual you need
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#Do: Hypescience  -  PQG
Há 14 bilhões de anos atrás,
nosso universo mudou de
extremamente quente e denso
para uma expansão radical
Plasma Quark-Gluon  era a
única matéria, que existia
durante o primeiro
microssegundo do Big Bang. 

#De: BBC News Brasil

“Alguns projetaram o significado da vida fora de si mesmos e ficam desapontados ao perceber que havia algo ilusório em esperar que o significado viesse de fora”, diz Rovelli
‘O tempo não existe’: a visão de Carlo Rovelli, físico tido como ‘novo Stephen Hawking’ - BBC News Brasil
‘O tempo não existe’: a visão de Carlo Rovelli, físico tido como
‘novo Stephen Hawking’ - BBC News Brasil


A physicist goes in search of our origins

CERN experimentalist offers sweeping history of the
 Universe, in science and culture.
Andrea Taroni

His starting point is Hesiod’s Theogony, a poem from around
700 bc on the birth of the Greek gods. In the beginning, there
was chaos. Tonelli uses ‘chaos’ in its original sense — a chasm
or void so enormous that it could swallow and contain everything
— rather than with its more modern connotation of disorder.
Just as silence can be understood as a superposition of opposite-
phase sound waves that cancel one another out, the void can host
unlimited quantities of matter and antimatter, yet have a net energy
of zero. The Universe was born 13.8 billion years ago from a random
quantum fluctuation in this void.

#From: Neurosciences


Link between diesel exhaust and risk of Parkinson’s discovered

Researchers have uncovered the process by which air pollution can damage
brain cells, leading to an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease. Chemicals
found in diesel fuel reduced autophagic flux, which is a major pathway implic
ated in neurodegeneration.#parkinsons 

#parkinsons #pollution #neurology #neuroscience #science

#From: Quanta Magazine

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Radioactivity May Fuel Life Deep Underground and Inside Other Worlds


New work suggests that the radiolytic splitting of water supports giant subsurface
ecosystems of life on Earth — and could do it elsewhere, too.

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Mathematicians Find Polynomial Building Blocks Hilbert Sought


Hilbert’s 12th problem asked for novel analogues of the roots of unity, the building blocks for certain number systems. Now, over 100 years later, two mathematicians have produced them.

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Mathematicians Resurrect
Hilbert’s 13th Problem

by Stephen Ornes



Squishy Neutron
Star Setback
Dampens Hopes
of Exotic Matter


Neutron stars pack the mass of a
star into a volume the size of
Manhattan. At that density,
some scientists believe that
exotic matter is formed inside
the stars, but two recent
measurements suggest otherwise.

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‘Unicorn’ Discovery Points to a
New Population of Black Holes

by Jonathan O'Callaghan



A Number Theorist Who Connects Math to Other Creative Pursuits


Jordan Ellenberg enjoys studying — and writing about — the mathematics underlying everyday phenomena.

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A Scientist Who Delights
in the Mundane

by Steve Nadis (2020)



Artificial Neural
Nets Finally Yield
Clues to How
Brains Learn

Podcast produced by SUSAN VALOT; Story by ANIL ANANTHASWAMY

The learning algorithm that
enables the runaway success
of deep neural networks
doesn’t work in biological brains,
but researchers are finding
alternatives that could.

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#From: AEON + Psiché Magazine

Grappling with your thoughts will leave you even more entangled in worry. Use metacognitive strategies to break free

The unified Universe
Physics displays an uncanny alignment at its very deepest levels. Is a grand theory of everything finally within reach?
by James Wells

#From NEJM

Circulating MicroRNA for the Detection of Acute Myocarditis

List of authors.

  • Rafael Blanco-Domínguez, M.Sc., 
  • Raquel Sánchez-Díaz, Ph.D., 
  • Hortensia de la Fuente, M.D., Ph.D., 
  • Luis J. Jiménez-Borreguero, M.D., 
  • Adela Matesanz-Marín, Ph.D., 
  • Marta Relaño, Ph.D., 
  • Rosa Jiménez-Alejandre, M.Sc., 
  • Beatriz Linillos-Pradillo, M.Sc., 
  • Katerina Tsilingiri, Ph.D., 
  • María L. Martín-Mariscal, M.D., 
  • Laura Alonso-Herranz, Ph.D., 
  • Guillermo Moreno, M.Sc., 

      After identifying a novel microRNA in mice and humans with myocarditis, we found that the human homologue (hsa-miR-Chr8:96) could be used to distinguish patients with myocarditis from those with myocardial infarction. (Funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and others.)

    • #Do: MUHM

    • "Exposição Virtual | 90 anos de História: Sindicato Médico do Rio Grande do Sul" no YouTube

      • #Da: Academia SR de Medicina
        • Hoje dia 29/05 posse da nova diretoria sob presidência do Dr. Luiz Lavinsky
        • Nosasos cumprimentos a todos os components, e agradecimentos e cumprimentos também ao dr. Carlos Henrique Menke e equipe pela brilhante gestão que hoje termina

      • #Do> Fronteiras do Pensamento
      • Olá, Aloyzio.

        O quarto e último episódio da série Os sentidos da vida já está disponível e tem como condutor o cineasta alemão Werner Herzog.

        Autor de frases como “até mesmo a derrota é melhor que nada”

        •  “Acho que, no fim das contas, tudo se resume a questionamentos fundamentais e eternos, e nós sabemos que nunca teremos uma resposta para eles.”
        • “Nós sabíamos que tínhamos que ser donos do nosso próprio destino.”
        • “Estamos conectados tecnologicamente, mas solitários existencialmente.”

        Assistir ao último capítulo →

        Essas são falas do cineasta Werner Herzog no episódio final de Os sentidos da vida. Confira mais reflexões como essas clicando no botão abaixo.

O tempo não existe!. José Moreira.
E, e deixamos de viver o presente, que é o único real, para degustar o passado que não existe mais, e nos iludirmos com o futuro que não passa de uma fantasia imaginária...
Abraço, Aloyzio